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3D HD Polish+ 8 oz.

3D HD Polish+ 8 oz. New and improved formula diminishes dusting effects while maintaining the same cut and gloss abilities that you love!

Scientifically engineered to remove swirls without creating new ones!

3D HD Polish produces swirl and hologram-free results on all paint finishes. HD Polish is formulated using nano technology and super micro abrasives to effectively remove paint imperfections (swirl marks, holograms, marring) for the highest shine possible. HD Polish is a universal polish that can be used at detail shops and body shops; silicone-free formula is body shop safe. HD Polish is the perfect polish for dark colored paints.

HD Polish is superior to most other polishes for 3 simple reasons:

No fillers
It’s common for car care manufacturers to formulate their compounds and polishes with fillers. Why? Because these fillers work to mask imperfections, making the paint look like it has been 100% corrected when it actuality the swirls still remain. It’s an easy way to make a compound or polish appear like it’s performing better than it actually is. 3D relies on advanced abrasive technology to completely level the surface, eliminating the need for fillers.

Zero dust Chances are you’ve had the unfortunate experience of using a compound or polish that creates absurd amounts of dust. Nobody likes dealing with dust – period. Compounds and polishes that dust create another step in the detailing process. What’s the extra step? Washing the car to remove the dust! HD Polish does not dust, making for easy clean up.

No holograms
Holograms are essentially very shallow swirl marks created by the action of a rotary polisher that’s equipped with a less-than-ideal polishing foam and compound/polish. When used with the correct Buff & Shine Foam Pad and proper technique, HD Polish does not create holograms, leaving the finish 100% swirl free – even with a rotary polisher.

When you’re ready to try a polish that delivers a superior finish and unmatched ease of use, HD Polish will change the way you polish paint.

8 oz.


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