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3D HD Fabric Protector

3D HD Fabric ProtectorProtects fabric, leather and suede

3D HD Fabric Protector is a uniquely formulated protectant for fabric, leather and suede finishes. Use HD Fabric Protector to protect your vehicle’s upholstery from accidental spills, sweat, body oils and other contaminants that plague a vehicle’s interior from every day use. HD Fabric Protector will not change the feel, look or breathability of the fabric. You can even use it to protect convertible tops!

You don’t ignore your paint, so why neglect to coat your upholstery? If your excuse is that it takes too long, you obviously haven’t heard of HD Fabric Protector. This aerosol-based fabric protectant only takes a minute or two to apply, and the results last months.

HD Fabric Protector is cheap insurance for keeping your vehicle’s costly leather, fabric and suede upholstery protected against accidental spills. HD Fabric Protector does not alter the look or feel of treated surfaces, which is especially critical for unfinished leather such as suede. As soon as a liquid makes contact with treated surfaces, it beads up and rolls off. If it doesn’t roll off due to the incline of the material, simply pat dry it with a towel or cloth.

HD Fabric Protector is a great fabric convertible top protectant. Thoroughly clean the top, allow it to dry completely, then apply a couple coats of HD Fabric Protector. Your convertible top will be well protected for months!

Don’t stop at your car! HD Fabric Protector can be used in your boat, RV, and home! Use it to restore the water repellency of old clothing (jackets especially). The uses are endless!

10 oz. aerosol
Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of aerosol products by air.
This item is shipped by UPS Ground only.

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