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3D Grand Blast 128 oz.

Keep the grease in your engine bay at bay!

3D Grand Blast give you a powerful cleaner to handle the more stubborn messes that build up in your engine bay. The powerful cleaning potential of 3D Grand Blast will quickly break-down grease, grime, oil, and dirt, leaving your engine bay spotless! The potency of 3D Grand Blast even allows you to simply rinse or blow the contamination away without having to scrub! 3D Grand Blast is ideal for body shops or detail shop due to its high dilution ratios allowing you to save money on product!

Your engine bay is extremely prone to heavy and stubborn contamination. Because this area is mostly enclosed, there is not much place for all those contaminants to go other than into the nooks and crannies of your engine bay. On top of that, the contaminants that you’ll find under your hood are often more stubborn than any other surface (besides the break dust on your wheels). The oil, grease, and grime that collects in your engine bay is likely to have you breaking your elbow trying to scrub it clean! Plus, there are places in your engine bay that a brush simply won’t reach!

3D Grand Blast is an easy to use and efficient product that will make cleaning this difficult area of your vehicle a breeze! 3D Grand Blast is formulated using some of the most powerful cleaner agents on the market. The powerful punch that 3D Grand Blast packs will quickly and easily break down any grease, grime, oil, and dirt that is in your engine bay. Once it is loosened from the surface, these contaminants are easy to remove!

In fact, after 3D Grand Blast has been given some time to dwell on the surface, you will even be able to simply rinse off most, if not all, of the contamination that rests there! This is especially advantageous for businesses that see a large volume of cars every day and thus need to get them cleaned and move on as quickly as possible. 3D Grand Blast will make cleaning your engine bay faster and more convenient than any other cleaner you have tried in the past!

3D Grand Blast is a heavily concentrated product and allows you to use it at multiple different dilution ratios to fit the need of any particular job. This dilution advantage will also allow you to save quite a lot of money on product costs because you will be able to go farther with one bottle of 3D Grand Blast than most other engine bay cleaners on the market!


Dilute 3D Grand Blast to your desired dilution ratio:
1:4 (Product:Water) for heavy duty applications
1:10 (Product:Water) for medium duty applications
1:20 (Product:Water) for light duty applications

Spray 3D Grand Blast directly onto the surface, being sure to avoid any hot aluminum, magnesium, or painted surfaces. Allow 3D Grand Blast to dwell on the surface for 1-2 minutes. Either rinse or blow the remaining product off your surface and dry off any excess liquid that may be lingering!

128 oz.

3D Grand Blast 128 oz.

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3D Grand Blast 128 oz.