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3D Ceramic Coating Kit - 30mL

3D Ceramic Coating Kit - 30mL

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Not sure if you'll like it? See what Mike Phillips has to say about itEasy to use for a protective, three-dimensional shine!

3D Ceramic Coating Kit protects your car from the sunís damaging rays and the resulting oxidization, is highly hydrophobic and keeps your car looking glossy, without the need for constant application. 3D Ceramic Coating Kit is safe to use on clear coats and single stage paint coats. Best part is that 3D Ceramic Coating is done in just a few simple steps, all carefully applied by your own hand and can last for years on your vehicle.

If you want your car looking as good as new without having to apply a new product every month or so, then you need 3D Ceramic Coating Kit. A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is carefully applied to the exterior of your vehicle by hand and can last years without reapplication. The ceramic coating chemically bonds with your carís original paint, creating an additional layer of protection from the elements.

The 3D Ceramic Coating Kit is imperative if you want your car to sparkle and shine over a longer period of time. A ceramic coating is like a premium wax alternative, however unlike most waxes, it creates a bond with the carís paint and does not rinse away during a wash or in the rain and thereby, does not need to be reapplied every few months. 3D Ceramic Coating is chemically hydrophobic, meaning it repeals not only water, but also other dirt and debris you may pick up on the road, almost making your car self-cleaning.

Itís only natural that your car will be exposed to UV rays and in turn, oxidization. This process unfortunately results in unattractive, dull and faded paint. Thanks to the 3D Ceramic Coating Kit, your car now has an extra layer of protection from the sunís rays and leaves oxidation at a minimum. The powerful protection of 3D Ceramic Coating Kit does not stop with the sunís rays, but also gives more protection to any sort of chemical etching that may occur from acidic compounds, like bird droppings or bug guts.

As professional detailer or a hobbyist, it is almost certain that youíre not going to feel happy just applying a ceramic coating and letting that sit for months to years on end by itself. No, youíre going to want to continue washing, decontaminating and even polishing to have the most brilliant shine. With 3D Ceramic Coating Kit, you donít have to worry about your hand-applied perfection going to waste, instead the highly influential compounds in this product outlast any other products and steps you can throw at it. So, go ahead and give you car a good rundown, the 3D Ceramic Coating Kit will still be there protecting your paint when you are finished.

Ceramic coating your car can be lengthy process, but 3D Ceramic Coating Kit makes it simple. All you need is what comes in the packaging.

Kit Includes:
3D Ceramic Coating 30mL
Applicator Block
(2) Microsuede Towels

Directions for Use:
*Pro-tip: Make sure the surface is completely clean and decontaminated.
Wrap the 3D Suede Applicator around the 3D foam block and apply enough coating to cover the flat surface of the suede.
Using a cross hatch pattern (side-to-side and then up-and-down strokes), spreading the coat evenly. Work in sections.
Weather will determine the size of the section you want to work with. Temperature and humidity can affect how quickly the product dries.
Apply more product if the suede dries up.
Wait 30 seconds and buff the product off with a clean soft microfiber towel.
If the surface feels oily after buffing, wait a few more seconds and wipe off again.

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Okay but not specactular
I used this coating on the back third of my Mustang GT as a comparison to the other coating I put on the front two thirds of my vehicle. It went on fairly easily although it was more difficult to level than the other popular coating I had used. It flashes fast and that's part of the trick - get to wiping it fairly quickly and you'll be fine.

From the reviews, I expected this to be super slick and deeply glossy. In fact, it was about like any other ceramic coating - not very slick at all but reasonably glossy. As far as I can tell, all ceramic coatings need a topper to be slick.

You can use 3D's "Bead it Up" as your topper, but that stuff is really tricky and very prone to high spots and smudging.

In my opinion, this is a pretty average coating - I didn't feel that it was any better than the other one that I used.

As for durability, I watched this one over the course of several months in comparison to my other coating on the front of my car. not sure I can find any more durability here.
Pros- The price was good. But now, it's higher than the others. So this Pro becomes a Con.
Cons- Not all that slick as I was led to believe - No longer competitively priced - Not longer lasting than the other one I used.
Beat ceramic coating on the market
Love this coating
DFW, Texas
Ceramic Coating From A Brand You Can Trust
A ceramic coating from a company you can trust... Simple application process and I've never had issues with wipe-off. The 30 second apply/wipe off makes it easy to keep track of. Just apply a section and wipe it's almost ready to wipe off already.
Pros- Application - GLOSS! - Trusted Brand
Cons- 2 coats instead of 1 (nitpicking)
brooklyn ny
Love my 3D products!!
Easy process to install!
ProsSo easy to apply and the gloss is insane.
Consnone i can say
Richmond, VA
First ceramic I every applied.
I ordered two bottles of the 3D Ceramic Coating. One for my car and one for a future clients car. This is the first ceramic coating i have ever applied and it was on my car. The Process was simple...polish the car out to you desired level...for me it was no scratches, etc. Apply a paint prep.... I used CarPros Eraser . I could not find 3D's on their website or Autogeek. Apply small section at a time.

A day later the results are a glassy looking car. The product contains approx 28% SIO2 by this data sheet.

With proper washes...hope it lasts for years
ProsEasy to Apply
ConsDon?t miss spots..i did and did not see it until the next day. Now have to go back and attempt to repair that spot by compounding/polishing or sanding....then I?ll re apply.