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> Zymol Caddy Wheel Kit

Zymol Caddy Wheel Kit

Zymol Caddy Wheel Kit Contains all the tools you need for the perfect wash!

With the vast array of tools contained in the Zymol Caddy Wheel Kit, you’ll wonder how you were ever able to properly clean your car without the access to all these useful tools! The Zymol Bucket is the perfect size to ensure you have enough cleaning solution to remove every bit of contamination from your car’s surfaces. The Speed Master Wheel Brush and Speed Master Wheel Brush Jr. will make cleaning your hard to reach wheels and grille work easier and more efficient than ever before! The Lug Nut Wheel Brush allows you to adequately reach the incredibly small crevices of your lug nut recesses that you may have had to leave uncleaned in the past. The Zymol Wash Sponge and its silicone-free construction provides the perfect combination of agitation potential and paint safety, resulting in the best wash you’ve ever had. The Famous Detailing Brush will make cleaning the minute nooks and crannies of your car’s interior and exterior an absolute breeze. The Long Handle Tire Brush will ensure that the rubber of your tires is not deprived of the perfect, contaminant removing cleaning process that the rest of your car receives. The All Purpose & Detailing towels will provide you with the perfect towel for every facet of car washing needs.

The Zymol Bucket Caddy will allow you to keep your detailing process more organized than ever before! The water-proof nylon that the Zymol Bucket Caddy is made out of will ensure that the caddy itself is never at risk for possible mold growth or smells that tend to emanate from wet fabrics. The water-proof construction of the Zymol Bucket Caddy will also provide a level of protection to the products that are being stored in it as well, preventing them from becoming saturated with water or other liquids. The Zymol Bucket Caddy is woven using a rip-stop weave that prevents ripping and tearing that would otherwise potentially ruin other fabric carrying cases you may have used in the past. The Zymol Bucket Caddy has several pockets of varying depth and width to provide the perfect convenient storage for whatever you made need at the time.

This Kit includes:
1 Zymol Bucket
1 Zymol Bucket Caddy
1 Aymol Silicone Free Wash Sponge
1 Speed Master Wheel Brush
1 Speed Master Wheel Brush Jr.
1 Professional Lug Nut Brush
1 Microfiber All Purpose & Wheel Detailing Towel 3 Pack
1 Long Handle Tire Brush
1 Famous Detailing Brush