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Zymol Titanium Glaze

One of the most durable waxes on the market!

Zymol Titanium Glaze is designed to be able to withstand even the harshest environments and vehicle duties to which your car will be subjected. Zymol Titanium Glaze is resistant to some of the harshest environmental contaminants that exist; contaminants like salt and sap are no match for Zymol Titanium Glaze. The formula for Zymol Titanium Glaze is comprised of nourishing oil and high-grade carnauba wax that is certain to bring out a deep, warm gloss that will impress even the harshest critics. The carnauba used in Zymol Titanium Glaze is of the highest quality that is available on the market today, promising the best, long-lasting protection possible. Zymol Titanium Glaze can be used on any type of paint, ensuring that no matter what car you drive, you are able to use this incredibly high-quality car wax.

Show cars are not the only vehicles on the planet that are near and dear to their owners and deserving of a durable protection and shine. If you enjoy taking your Jeep off-roading on the weekends and still want it to carry an incredible shine during the week, you will need a wax that is capable of standing up to the harsher contaminants to which your vehicle comes into contact. Zymol Titanium Glaze is specifically designed to be used in these applications and was formulated to effectively fend off the more dangerous contaminants out there. Zymol Titanium Glaze and its extremely durable level of protection will prevent contaminants like tree sap, road salt, and road grime from destroying your paint.

Simply because a car is driven hard and often used in some of the most dangerous applications possible, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look its best while it performs these tasks. Even off-roading vehicles and work trucks are deserving of the highest quality depth and gloss available to them. Zymol Titanium Glaze contains an impeccable 51% Brazillian No. 1 yellow and white carnauba in its formula. This level of carnauba quality and volume will provide a shine to your vehicle that is sure to turn heads, even when you are going to be going mudding over the weekend.

Most vehicles that are used in these less common, more dangerous application tend to have paint that differs from the vast majority of paint types on the market today. Most car waxes are designed to be used with standard “base-coat, clear-coat” paint type and will not adhere properly to single stage paint or any other type of paint your recreational vehicle may have. Zymol Titanium Glaze can be used on any type of paint without worry and will provide the exact same incredible results on each and every type of paint!

1. Always work out of direct sunlight on a surface that is cool to the touch.
2. Using your fingers, scoop out a small amount of Titanium Glaze; rub your hands together to soften the wax.
3. Gently apply the melted glaze over a section of paint approximately 2 to 3 square feet.
4. Allow to set for 60 -90 seconds.
5. Use a clean, dry microfiber towel to buff away the residue.
6. For a perfect shine, buff the surface again approximately 3-4 hours later.

8 oz.

Zymol Titanium Glaze

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Zymol Titanium Glaze