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Zymol Natural Wool Duster

Eliminate dust with ease!

The Zymol Natural Wool Duster will allow you to quickly and effectively remove the dust from your painted surface without the need for a spray detailer or buffing towels. Using the Zymol Natural Wool Duster could not be any easier! Simply gently drag the Zymol Natural Wool Duster across the surface and let the duster do all the work. The Zymol Natural Wool Duster is made using an All-Wool pelt that has a natural static charge which will attract the dust sitting on your paint and gently pull it off without creating any potential for scratches in the process. The handle of the Zymol Natural Wool Duster is made entirely of Birch wood and is shaped to ensure that you will be able to maintain control during usage.

Even if you take excellent care of your vehicle and it is garage kept and is never subject to the hazards of the open road, there is still one very irritating pest that is sure to ruin the flawless finish of your paint. Dust. It is the ultimate destroyer of shine and duller of paint. It will make all of your hours of efforts look fruitless in the matter of days. There are products out there that will reduce dust ability to adhere to your paint surfaces, but none of them are able to remove the risk completely. You will still need to physically remove the dust from the surface to ensure that you will be able to maintain a flawless finish. The Zymol Natural Wool Duster is an effective and safe alternative to some of the other dust removal processes available.

The pelt on the Zymol Natural Wool Duster is made with 100% wool. Wool has two very important characteristics that make it the best choice out there for proper dust removal. Wool is by nature an extremely soft fabric and will ensure that your paint does not suffer any unsightly scratches or swirls during the dusting process. In addition to its innate softness, wool also creates a very powerful static charge due to the rubbing together of its fibers. This static charge will attract the dust that is sitting on your paint deep into the fibers of the Zymol Natural Wool Duster and leave your surface glossy and smooth.

The handle of the Zymol Natural Wool Duster is made with a lightweight birch wood that will allow for easy control of the duster the entire time you are using it. Couple that with the foot-long length of the handle that will allow you to dust even the hardest to reach areas of your vehicle with ease and you have quite the tool at your disposal. When you are not using the Zymol Natural Wool Duster to eliminate the infuriating dust off your car, it can be easily stored on a hook using the leather strap on the handle.

Direction for using the Wool Duster:
1. Spin the Duster between the palms of your hands to disperse collected dust and dirt.
2. Rub the wool fibers in one direction for 5 to 10 seconds.
3. Using no pressure, glide the Duster very briskly, with only the tips of the wool, over the surface.
4. Repeat step one.

Zymol Natural Wool Duster

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Zymol Natural Wool Duster