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Zymol Bucket Caddy

Zymol Bucket Caddy Organize your detailing tools and products!

The Zymol Bucket Caddy will allow you to keep your detailing process more organized than ever before! The water-proof nylon that the Zymol Bucket Caddy is made out of will ensure that the caddy itself is never at risk for possible mold growth or smells that tend to emanate from wet fabrics. The water-proof construction of the Zymol Bucket Caddy will also provide a level of protection to the products that are being stored in it as well, preventing them from becoming saturated with water or other liquids. The Zymol Bucket Caddy is woven using a rip-stop weave that prevents ripping and tearing that would otherwise potentially ruin other fabric carrying cases you may have used in the past. The Zymol Bucket Caddy has several pockets of varying depth and width to provide the perfect convenient storage for whatever you made need at the time. Included with the Zymol Bucket Caddy is a Zymol bucket that can be used with your Zymol Bucket Caddy to make sure you have everything you need to use your bucket caddy. In addition to the Zymol Bucket, the Zymol Bucket Caddy also comes with a Zymol Wash Sponge to further supply you with the tools you’ll need to optimize your washing routine.

When you are detailing your care, it can be a vary daunting task unless your detailing routine is fully fleshed out and well-practiced. When trying to perfect your detailing capabilities, organization is crucial to ensure that you avoid some minor mistakes that have major consequences. Cross-contamination can seem like a simple enough and a mostly benign mistake until you accidently grab the wrong bottle and apply an ultra-cut compound to your plastic trim…

As you can see, organization is crucial and imperative to ensure that you do not make a mistake that can’t be simply buffed out afterwards. The Zymol Bucket Caddy is an incredible product the will not only make proper organization possible, but easy as well! The pockets of various sizes and shapes on the Zymol Bucket Caddy will afford you the perfect carrying and storage space for the large majority of your detailing tools and products.

Not only will the Zymol Bucket Caddy provide you with the much-needed space to organize your tools, but it can also aid in making sure that they are properly stored and kept from potential dangers. The Zymol Bucket Caddy is constructed using a water-proof, rip-stop nylon fabric that will resist common potential risks to your tools like water and dropping.

As if the Zymol Bucket Caddy isn’t enough to justify this combo alone, you will also receive a Zymol bucket and Zymol Wash Mitt that will allow you to take your washing routine to the next level. The wash mitt is made without using any silicones that could otherwise pose a risk to your well-maintained paint!