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Zymol Titanium Auto Wash

Keeps your paint safe with its natural ingredients!

Zymol Titanium Auto Wash is a luxury level car wash shampoo that will not only thoroughly clean your surfaces, but also apply a layer of protection to prevent future contamination. Zymol Titanium Auto Wash was formulated using all-natural active ingredients to ensure that you never have to worry about potential damage to your paint due to harsh solvents and cleaners. The lubricants contained in Zymol Titanium Auto Wash will ensure that your paint is also protected from potential wash-induced swirls!

Washing your car, while it may seem like a pointless chore to some, can be one of the most enjoyable activities for people who are interested in car detailing. The thought of ridding your paint of all the harmful and ugly dirt, dust, and contamination that collects on it throughout the week can be quite a cathartic thought. However, any detailing savvy person knows that even this seemingly benign process can pose a serious threat to your paints condition. The best way to reduce the risk to your paint is to use the right car wash shampoo. After one use, you’ll be convinced that Zymol Titanium Auto Wash IS that shampoo!

Zymol Titanium Auto Wash prevents the most common reason that your paint suffers at the hands of your weekly wash. Washing-induced swirls! These swirls are caused by debris being rubbed and scraped across your car’s precious paint during the washing process. The dirt that you are cleaning off, random contaminants, and other debris gets caught in your wash mitt. Then, while you are agitating the surface of your paint with your wash mitt, this debris is scraped across your paint, creating deep and ugly scratches and swirls! Zymol Titanium Auto Wash avoids wash-induced swirls because it contains plenty of lubrication. This lubrication will make sure that this debris does not touch your paint after you have gently removed it from the surface with your wash mitt.

There are many shampoos on the market today that try to clean the surface of your paint by using strong chemicals and solvents that dissolve the debris. While these do effectively remove the dirt and debris from your paint, they don’t know the difference between the dirt and your precious paint. This can result in them corroding the surface of your paint, eating away at scare clear coat. Zymol Titanium Auto Wash, however, uses all-natural detergents and cleaners to gently and safely remove the debris without hurting your clear coat in the process.

Zymol Titanium Auto Wash even does what most other shampoos won’t do. Zymol Titanium Auto Wash protects your paint from future dirt and debris by applying a layer of protection between your paint and the harsh contaminants that threaten it!

Only use out of direct sunlight and to on a surface that is cool to the touch. Add 2 oz. of Zymol Titanium Auto Wash to a 5 gallon bucket and mix with a strong jet of water. Starting at the top of your car, wash the entire surface of your car’s exterior, working in 2’ x 2’ sections. Thoroughly rinse the surface after each section to ensure that Zymol Titanium Auto Wash does not dry on the surface.

20 fl. oz.

Zymol Titanium Auto Wash

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New Orleans
Far Superior to Anything Wash I've Ever Used
I tried to reorder my Zymol "Auto Wash" but it was not in stock, anywhere. So, I purchased Zymol's "Titanium Auto Wash". I tried it on my 2016 Jaguar F-Type with silver paintwork. This left a shine like a sealant or ceramic product! The car has well cared for paintwork with a recent polish and sealant applied so it does shine. But this wash left it even shinier and wet looking. For a car wash, UNBELIEVABLE!
ProsHighly concentrated so this helps justify the high cost. Compliments highly finished paintwork extremely well.
ConsNone known