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McKee's 37 FC-717 Swirl Remover

Formerly known as McKee’s 37 Fast Compound, McKee’s 37 FC-717 features a new and improved formula that boasts the same great cut and finish, but with no foul odor!

Preserve surface gloss while removing noticeable paint defects – it is possible with McKee's 37 FC-717 Swirl Remover.

Swirl removal doesn’t require large abrasive particles or an aggressive machine. The truth is that a product loaded with correctly milled, smaller abrasives will do the job with less damage to the paint, thereby shaving a couple of steps off your detailing process.

McKee's 37 FC-717 Swirl Remover is the most aggressive swirl remover in the McKee's 37 line, yet it’s not a heavy compound. Applied with your dual action or rotary polisher, this swirl remover is designed to correct paint flaws by gradual smoothing - not grinding down - the paint. Typically, compounds leave more problems than you started with and it takes several more steps to restore smoothness and gloss. McKee's 37 FC-717 Swirl Remover takes a less invasive approach to preserve the paint while it corrects the finish.

First, do no harm. McKee's 37 FC-717 Swirl Remover works on the principle of doing only what’s required to restore the damaged paint. Precisely milled abrasives – and a lot of them – blend away moderate to severe blemishes without removing significant layers of clear coat. Since clear coats are extremely thin, these Concentrated Micro Abrasives preserve as much of the paint as possible while removing only the defect.
McKee's 37 FC-717 Swirl Remover uses diminishing abrasives to remove moderate to severe swirls, moderate scratches, oxidation, water spots, and overspray.

Lose the swirls, keep the gloss. Even though McKee's 37 FC-717 Swirl Remover is less abrasive than a traditional compound, it removes the same imperfections: moderate to severe swirls, moderate scratches, oxidation, water spots, and overspray. The abrasives gradually diminish as they work, giving you a built-in finishing polish. The paint will experience little or no loss of surface gloss. In most cases, you will not need to use a separate finishing polish.

Keep it real. There are some scratches that can only be removed by a professional. If the scratch extends all the way to the color coat, removing the scratch requires removing the entire clear coat surrounding the scratch. Unless you intend to repaint the vehicle, this is an impractical solution for at-home detailers. McKee's 37 FC-717 Swirl Remover is formulated to remove blemishes without jeopardizing the paint system. It’s a real world approach to at-home paint care.

McKee's 37 is dedicated to preserving your vehicle and the environment. McKee's 37 FC-717 Swirl Remover is VOC compliant, body shop safe, silicone-free, and clear coat safe.

Apply McKee's 37 FC-717 Swirl Remover with a light cutting pad on your dual action polisher. Set the maximum speed to 5000 or 5500 OPM. For the easiest application, mist the pad with McKee's 37 Polishing Pad Conditioner before applying the swirl remover. Pour several dime-sized drops of the product onto the pad and spread it onto a section of paint. Turn the polisher on and work the swirl remover into the paint until it begins to turn clear. McKee's 37 FC-717 Swirl Remover contains no fillers so you can see the results of your work. Buff with a microfiber towel.

Paint flaws are only skin-deep. Remove moderate imperfections without removing surface gloss with McKee's 37 FC-717 Swirl Remover.

8 oz.

McKee's 37 FC-717 Swirl Remover

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Concord NC
pinacle xmt #3
Worked ok to remove swirls
ProsEasy to use did remove some swirls.
ConsProduct cost was $17 shipping was $8. If only one product is needed paying 50% more for shipping is out of line. It would be nice if the product was sold locally in stores.
swirl remover
This is one awsome product works very well and with ease
ProsVery easy to apply & remove
XMT Swirl Remover #3 & 360
WOW! The combination of using a PC 7424 with an orange pad with the swirl remover #3, and following up with a white pad with the 360 will yield BEAUTIFUL results! All the light surface hazing, swirl marks, and light scratches were completely eliminated!

My Z06 is black, so it was the perfect "canvas" to really see how this combo works. Add to that some gnarly swirl marks and some damage from road salts on my multi-state drive bringing the vehicle home, I was hoping this would be the solution. Taping off a panel and doing an A/B comparison test was just shocking. The completed panel had a deep, rich, & practically liquid finish!

The 360 is great to follow the #3 swirl remover with, as it'll eliminate the need to use a finer polish like the XMT #1 or #2. Go straight to putting on your favorite sealant or wax on top of that (if you so wish), and even a perfectionist like myself will be happy!

My best advice would be to scrap those 6.5" pads and pick up some 4" CCS pads. Much better control and a better overall turnout on your project in my opinion...especially on those difficult panels. My detailing bag just got lighter, and I'll never look back!

Happy detailing!
Gentle Scratch Remover
As a home handyman and occassional detailer and getting along in years, I tried XMT #3 to restore the clearcoat on my 1999 BMW 528i with 165,000 miles on it. Over the years, I've never done a great job polishing the finish and the finish has not been polished at all for several years. I used the XMT #3 with an orange Lake Country CCS pad. It took 2 passes with my Porter Cable 7424 and I had to press hard (but not stopping the rotation.) The product is thick, goes a long way, stays on the pad, doesn't splatter, wipes off easily and without dust, doesn't discolor the vinyl trim parts and removes the swirls and small scratches. I followed with XMT #1 applied with a white pad. Excellent results. Tryit! - Ron
My brother's 25YR old Harley had some ecthing on the gas tank from gas that spilled during storage. The gas was left on the tank a week before it was wiped off. The tank looked bad. I lightly Wet Sanded the really bad spoys w/1500 and the XMT3 took all the sand marks/scratches off with two passes. This is a must have.