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Wowo’s Waterless Wash

A quick and easy wash, without any water!

Wowo’s Waterless Wash is great for situations where water is not available. Wowo’s Waterless Wash is perfect for safely and effectively removing dust, dirt and other contaminants without scratching. Wowo’s Waterless Wash also provides superior lubrication and anti-static capabilities that will help to keep your car looking cleaner longer. You can also dilute Wowo’s Waterless Wash to work as a clay lube or dilute to work on different types or paint protection. Best of all, Wowo’s Waterless Wash is easy-to-use and is safe for paint, plastic, glass, trim and wheels.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have access to a hose with running water. This makes washing your car very difficult. Mostly because you will have to end up taking your car to a car wash, either ones done by machine or by inexperienced workers by hand. Either way you are bound to get scratches from these washes. Luckily, washing your car doesn’t always mean you have to wash it with water with Wowo’s Waterless Wash.

The number one benefit of Wowo’s Waterless Wash is that it is waterless. This is the perfect product for those in water-restricted areas, during wintertime, apartment/condo living, on the road cleaning or general quick touchups. But just because it is waterless, doesn’t mean it won’t give you a good clean. Wowo’s Waterless Wash provides high levels of lubrication and anti-static capabilities that helps you keep your car cleaner longer.

Wowo’s Waterless Wash is not just for waterless wash, it can also be diluted to work as a clay lube or can vary depending on the type of paint you have. Use 3:1 to dilute to a clay lube or dilute to 5:1, 3:1 or 1:1 depending on paint protection, using a higher dilution ratio on coated vehicles. Always make sure to use a test spot before doing the whole car!

Another benefit of Wowo’s Waterless Wash is that it is easy to use. Simply spray and wipe… that’s it! And don’t worry about harming parts of your car, Wowo’s Waterless Wash is safe to use on paint, plastic, glass, trim and even your wheels.

-Shake well!
-Spray liberally onto the affected areas.
-Allow a minute for the product to loosen and lift dirt for removal, don’t allow to dry.
-Use a microfiber towel with light to medium pressure to wipe away dirt and grime.
-Use a second microfiber towel to buff to a high shine.

500 ml. (16.9 oz.)

Wowo’s Waterless Wash

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Wowo’s Waterless Wash