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Wowo’s Tyre Restorer

Wowo’s Tyre Restorer

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Safe, fresh-smelling, tire refreshers!

Wowo’s Tyre Restorer is a water-based tire dressing that is not made with any silicones or harmful ingredients. Wowo’s Tyre Restorer smells as if you rolled through an orchard of peaches, all while making your tires look new and clean. Wowo’s Tyre Restorer does not product any unwanted grease, slime or sling. Plus, Wowo’s Tyre Restorer can be used by simply spraying directly onto the tire or by working in with an applicator pad.

Wowo’s Tyre Restorer is designed to add shine to your tires, making them look new and clean once again. The product can be layered in order to create more shine as desired. Bonus, unlike the chemical smell most tire products give off, Wowo’s Tyre Restorer makes it smell as though you are working in an orchard of peaches.

Also, unlike a lot of tire restorers on the market, Wowo’s Tyre Restorer won’t cause any sling. Save time having to inspect and clean runaway product with Wowo’s Tyre Restorer. Speaking of which, Wowo’s Tyre Restorer also saves you from unwanted grease of slime, so feel free to rub the product into the tire as much as you want as it dries to the touch. What makes Wowo’s Tyre Restorer able to have such benefits is the fact that it is a water-based dressing that doesn’t contain any silicones. So not only is safe for your rubber tires, but it is also safe for you and the environment.

Wowo’s Tyre Restorer is easy to use in two different ways. You can either spray the tire directly, or you can work the product in using a microfiber applicator pad. Add the product to the entire sidewall of the tire but avoiding the tread. You can add extra product for extra shine. No need to wipe away as it dries to the touch, just give yourself some time before driving the car.

-Shake well!
-Apply a small amount of product to a microfiber applicator or spray directly onto tire.
-Work into tire, making sure you cover the whole sidewall, but not the tread.
-Apply second coat for extra shine.
-Allow to dry for a short period of time before driving the car.

500 ml. (16.9 oz.)

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Wowo’s Tyre Restorer