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Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating

Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating redefines the surface coating

My staff would say that I’m old school because even in this day and age, where paste waxes are being eclipsed by state-of-the-art paint coatings and synthetic sealants, I still prefer applying a coat of wax to my show car by hand. As my business continues to flourish, so does my roster of vehicles. It’s no secret that daily drivers require a lot more attention than a show car that sits under a cover in an air-conditioned garage, so I gave my team the challenge of developing a surface coating that would outlast and outperform a conventional car wax or paint sealant. Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating was born.

Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating is easy to apply
Apply a thin bead of product directly onto the included applicator
Uber Ceramic Coating can be applied by anyone
Apply to one panel at a time - side to side and then front to back
Uber Ceramic Coating wipes off without any effort
Wipe off excess using a soft microfiber towel
Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating provides protection measured in years, not weeks or months. This easy-to-apply coating was designed for painted surfaces, glass, wheels, head lights, and hard exterior plastic trim. It’s packaged in a syringe for easy application. Uber Ceramic Coating lasts up to 3 years on painted surfaces, 2 years on wheels and 1 year on glass. It offers protection without compromise. And the shine, it must be seen to believe.

Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating blankets your vehicle in a glossy shell of ceramic protection that complements all colors. Black will appear infinitely deep; red will dazzle with bright reflections; white and silver will appear as if molten glass was poured over the finish, giving the appearance that an extra layer or two of clear coat was applied. Regardless of the color of your vehicle, Uber Ceramic Coating will make it shine better than it ever has. Relentless water beading and a self-cleaning effect will keep your car shining bright in between washes.

Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating is as easy to apply as your favorite Wolfgang car wax or synthetic sealant. Polish the surface to remove gloss-hindering imperfections like swirl marks and scratches, wipe it down with Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep to cleanse the surface of polishing oils, then apply a thin coat of Uber Ceramic Coating panel by panel. It goes on thin and wipes off without any effort, plus there’s no chalkiness or white powder to clean up. If coating just the painted surfaces on a vehicle (not including wheels, glass, or trim), a single 15cc syringe will coat up to 3 midsize cars with protection that is unrivaled by a wax or paint sealant.

Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating is not a wax or synthetic paint sealant, but rather a clear resin that chemically bonds to clear coat, creating a tough-as-nails shell of protection that can withstand repeated exposure to environmental contaminants without wearing off. Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating protects against wash-induced swirl marks, oxidation, bug stains, road salt, water spots, and bird droppings. This actually decreases the cost of maintaining your vehicle because less maintenance is required to keep the exterior looking clean and shiny.

Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating forms an extremely glossy shell of protection that is on average 50 times thicker than a conventional car wax or synthetic paint sealant. This enables Uber Ceramic Coating to withstand repeated car washes without wearing thin.

Vehicles that have been coated with the unmatched protection of Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating will repel dirt, oil, dust, and road grime to provide incredible ease of maintenance. You’ll be amazed at just how clean your vehicle stays in between washes. When it does come time to wash it, dirt and grime will be removed with one pass of your wash mitt. No scrubbing required!

Don't stop at your paint!

Apply to plastic trim
Protects trim from fading over time
Apply to headlight lenses
Prevents headlights from yellowing
Apply to wheels
Makes wheels easy to clean
Apply to glass
Causes water to bead up and roll off exterior glass

If you’re looking for protection without compromise, Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating is the product you’ve been waiting for. It did, after all, convince this old-school wax enthusiast!

15cc Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating
Application card
Wolfgang Concours Series Microfiber Towel, 16 x 24 inches
Coating Applicator

Please note: Included with each syringe of Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating is a blue, needle-shaped stopper. This is inserted into the syringe during application to restrict the flow of product. This provides the user more control on how much product is applied to the applicator.

Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating

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17% (1)
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83% Recommend this product (5 of 6 responses)
Easy Coating
A lot of prep work but it turned out awesome. I will definitely be coating more cars in the future!
ConsApplication syringe was annoying to handle but it I managed without dropping the applicator.
Phoenix, AZ
Just used and very user friendly
I received this from Autogeek last year as a replacement for a coating product that i purchased and had a very difficult time installing. Come to find out others have had the same trouble. Autogeek customer service was very understanding, recommended this, and shipped a replacement. Well it was summer time in AZ and I did not want to try this again in the high heat and humidity. So I waited until now. All I can say is that if you follow the directions this product is so simple and user friendly. It has now been 24 hours since the application and the slickness and gloss are just great. Hopefully it will continue for the 2 years as advertised if I do my part correctly.

If you have fear about coatings my experience says do not be fearful of this product. Give it a try.
ProsClear directions Simple and easy to use Mike's review and how to for reference in the forum
South Amboy, NJ
Easy to apply but not glosy
I have been detailing my cars for over 30 years. When I saw this product I was excited and decided to give it a shot since it said it lasts up to 3 years on painted surface. Well, I tried it. It is very easy to apply but I was disappointed with its look. Definitely it is NOT glossy. I used its sister product Wolfgang 3.0 paint sealant on half of the hood and I used Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating on the other half. There is a clear different between the two. 3.0 looks much better and has "wet" look where ceramic look dull. I can't speak for its durability as it is too soon. Also there is no way you can do 3 cars with this
ProsEasy to apply
ConsNot glossy (doesn't have "wet" look). Looks very dull There is no way you can do 3 cars with it
West Palm Beach, FL
Amazing shine and durability
I've done 4 cars and 2 SUV's with this product and everyone looks spectacular. Ironically three were white and three were black. I agree with another reviewer, that the prep is the hardest part. Make certain the buffing and polishing are perfect before you apply the ceramic coating. I did the first car over a year ago and it still looks great. The water just beads off. It may appear expensive but when compared to how often you would polish and wax in the same period of time, it's really a bargain. I'll never use wax again.
ProsEasier than wax to apply. There is no residue that gets under the trim or in the spaces between body parts.
ConsThe preparation has to be perfect, however any car fanatic would make sure the surface is perfect before applying wax.
First time user
First time ever using a ceramic coating. I have an f150 four door and used all of the 15cc syringe and that was just for the paint. Tips to apply: Do very small sections at a time. I noticed when I did bigger sections it would streak and it wouldn't come off. If I did smaller sections it worked perfect. SO, about 2ft x 2ft is a good size. Idk how people are doing a whole panel and not getting any streaking. Might just be me.