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> > > > Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Cleaner 32 oz.

Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Cleaner 32 oz.

Cleans glass so well you might think it’s invisible!

My team is a diverse one when it comes to which aspect of car care we each enjoy most. The head of product development for Wolfgang Car Care loves washing his car; my secretary is obsessed with keeping her wheels clean, and my production manager enjoys cleaning and protecting his dashboard to keep it spotless and well protected. My peculiarity – or quirk as my team would call it – is glass. I’m not happy until my glass is so clean that it’s nearly invisible. Honestly, this has been a challenge with a market that’s filled with subpar glass cleaners, so I set out to develop my own.

Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Cleaner is the best glass cleaner
Use on exterior glass
Wolfgang is safe on tinted windows
Interior glass - 100% tint safe
And navigation screens
and navigation screens!
Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Cleaner is absolutely, positively the best glass cleaner you will ever use. I’m so confident in its performance that I wanted to name it Bob’s Magical Glass Cleaner, but my team – bless them – talked me out of it. So we named it Perfekt Vision Glass Cleaner instead. If you’re wondering, the “k” is on purpose – this is a German brand after all!

Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Cleaner is different than any other glass cleaner. German technology made it possible to formulate a professional strength cleaner without relying on alcohol and ammonia. That’s right – Perfekt Vision Glass Cleaner is formulated without alcohol and ammonia, the two most common ingredients found in most glass cleaners. For this reason Perfekt Vision Glass Cleaner is 100% tint safe.

Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Cleaner relies on advanced chemistry instead of inexpensive, high-octane cleaners. Don’t be fooled though, this intense cleaner is strong enough to cut through the tough stuff, including fresh water spots, vinyl fogging, grease, grime, and even smoker’s film! What’s more, Perfekt Vision Glass Cleaner imparts a hydrophobic coating that causes water to bead up and be whisked off the glass at speeds in excess of 30 mph, improving safety by increasing visibility in wet-weather conditions.

Arguably the most important aspect of any glass cleaner is ease of use, and we’ve got that covered as well. Perfekt Vision Glass Cleaner doesn’t streak or smear, and it wipes off without creating a hazy finish. What you’re left with is glass so clean that it’s almost invisible!

I travel to car shows all over the country, and I can honestly say that 9 out of 10 people don’t know how to properly clean glass. First and foremost, never attempt to clean glass that’s hot to the touch. Second, spray a liberal amount of cleaner directly onto the glass and wipe away residue using a Microfiber Glass Towel. Last, but certainly not least, spray the section you just cleaned with a FINE MIST of glass cleaner and use a second, CLEAN, DRY Microfiber Glass Towel to perform the final wipe. Use plenty of towels – one or two won’t cut it.

32 oz.

Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Cleaner 32 oz.

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Los Angeles California
great spray on window cleaner
This product is great on windows... But I found that it is also great at doing a quick cleaning of the paint on my new cars.. I use quick detailers and spray waxes. But I found that when I just want to clean the paint up quickly I can use this product. It does a great job. Also use it for a quick cleaning if my wheels . Its a very versatile product..
Proshas many uses, not just windows.
New york
Absolutely Amazing
This is the best glass cleaner I have ever used...period!!! Cleans everything...could not even tell if the window was open or closed that's how clear it makes your glass!
ConsNot a single one!
Seattle WA
Amazing cleaner - somehow actually ads �€œdepth�€ to glass
I didn�€™t really expect much when I borrowed my neighbors bottle. Thought maybe he was exaggerating. Was I wrong! This takes a little extra elbow grease and if not done after a wash I might clean with Sprayway first but the final appearance is worth it. It also seems to leave a bit of a hydrophobic coating; so much so that I bought a bottle to try out on our 47 foot pilothouse we keep on Puget Sound. Highly recommended and good value for money if you car about the total appearance of your car.
ProsClarity, adds depth to glass, mildly hydrophobic
ConsTakes a bit of elbow grease and a couple micro fiber towels - one to �€œdry�€ and one to �€œpolish�€
Chicago, IL
exquisite glass detailer
It's hard to overstate how good this product is. One reviewer notes that it bonds to dirt-- it does. This is why nothing resembling a streak ever appears while you use it. It has high lubricity, so you can use just a light mist to get the job done (I am not trying to justify the price tag; this product is just for folks who love to baby their cars.). The lubricity also means that your rag glides nicely around while the Wolfgangs magically slurps up the dirt. Then you flip the rag over. I'm not sure how to describe what happens then. It's like the glass becomes cleaner than glass, and your rag is still slipping around even though it's dry. And then you start to make a sort of cooing noise. And then you can't wait to go write a gushing review that disbelieving humans will scoff at who never intend to pay 25 dollars for a bottle of glass cleaner (so get the sample size with your next order, man). Then your friends stop calling, because all you want to do anymore is clean your windshield. Then you're looking for glass-wipe support groups, but there are none. Okay, I lost it a bit there. But this cleaner really is amazing. It's the best car care product I've yet come across, bar none. Do you remember your 1st time using detailer spray? That slickery-clean, protected-surface bliss? Same thing.
ProsYour list of potential improvements on this product will be the empty set.
ConsYou will hate all other glass cleaners, because they leave that dry, sticky feeling on your glass. And you tell yourself there are no streaks, but you know damn well there's that little one in the corner you convinced yourself wasn't worth another swipe. And you will sleep less soundly, never sure whether I've been paid by Sir Wolfgang for this ridiculous endorsement.
Los Angeles
No More Avoiding Interior Window Cleaning
I always try to go as long as possible between cleaning my interior windows as worry I about overspray with ammonia products. And even when I decide to clean those heavily angled front and rear surfaces, the results usually disappoint. But wow -- this stuff changes everything. Using a couple of clean microfiber towels, I got fantastic results on my first try-out last weekend. I'm looking forward to making interior windows part of the usual routine now!