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Wolfgang All-Surface Cleaner 128 oz.

Wolfgang All-Surface Cleaner 128 oz.For a limited time, Receive a FREE 12 oz. refillable bottle with your purchase of the gallon size of Wolfgang All-Surface Cleaner! Now there is no need purchase a separate bottle, just to use your favorite Wolfgang Product!

Keep all your surfaces cleaned!

Wolfgang All-Surface Cleaner is formulated as a catch-all answer to a wide variety of messes and contaminants that plague the various surfaces of your vehicle, interior AND exterior. With Wolfgang All-Surface Cleaner, you will no longer need to have a dedicated cleaner for each and every surface of your vehicle. Wolfgang All-Surface Cleaner is equipped to tackle the common difficult messes like oil, grease, and dirt, but it cleans so much more than that!

There are so many different types of surfaces on and in your car, that it can be quite confusing as to how to best care for all of them. Often times, the same products you use on your leather are not strong enough to clean your paint. Likewise, using your wheel cleaner on your interior vinyl is likely to cause irreparable damage. Wolfgang All-Surface Cleaner takes all the confusion out of choosing the right cleaner for your car’s surfaces! Whether you are planning to clean the light soil off your leather seats or clean the harsh brake dust off your rims, the choice is simple, just grab Wolfgang All-Surface Cleaner!
Wolfgang All-Surface Cleaner can be used on virtually any surface to clean away the most common stains!

As it turns out, there are just as many different types of messes on your car as there are surfaces, if not more! Wolfgang All-Surface Cleaner lets you tackle more of these messes than most other cleaners on the market. Wolfgang All-Surface Cleaner has specially designed cleaner agents that work on the molecular level to break down oil, grease, dirt, insect remains, brake dust, tar, and more. Once Wolfgang All-Surface Cleaner has released them from the surface, these hazards can be quickly and easily wiped or rinsed away.

Wolfgang All-Surface Cleaner can be used to clean any exterior or interior surface. Wolfgang All-Surface Cleaner is strong enough to tackle the heavy messes on the outside, like the brake dust on your tires and wheels. Plus, simply dilute it 4:1 with water and Wolfgang All-Surface Cleaner can also be used on your interior and more delicate surfaces as well! Wolfgang All-Surface Cleaner can be used on any plastic, rubber, vinyl, fabric, upholstery, paint, glass, or leather surface!

Car detailing is already a difficult process, why make it more complicated than it has to be?! Let Wolfgang All-Surface Cleaner simplify your car cleaning!

Dilution Ratios: For use on delicate surfaces, dilute Wolfgang All-Surface Cleaner 4:1 For use on non-delicate, exterior surface Wolfgang All-Surface Cleaner can be used full-strength.

128 oz.