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Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating Complete Kit - 30cc

Everything you need to coat your vehicle with the best protection money can buy!

I'm proud of Wolfgang's first ever surface coating - Uber Ceramic Paint Coating, so it was an easy decision to assemble what I consider the ultimate surface coating kit. This complete kit contains everything you need to prep, coat and maintain your vehicle with the best protection money can buy. Not only does it include the 3 key products for proper application, but I've also carefully selected the best applicators and towels to use with the coating prep and the actual coating itself. Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating is going to change the way you detail your vehicle forever.

First and foremost, what exactly is Uber Ceramic Coating? Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating is not a wax or synthetic paint sealant, but rather a clear resin that chemically bonds to clear coat, creating a tough-as-nails shell of protection that can withstand repeated exposure to environmental contaminants without wearing off. Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating protects against wash-induced swirl marks, oxidation, bug stains, road salt, water spots, and bird droppings. This actually decreases the cost of maintaining your vehicle because less maintenance is required to keep the exterior looking clean and shiny.

Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating is designed for vehicles with a smooth, swirl-free finish. If necessary, use Wolfgang Uber Compound and Finishing Glaze to first polish the paint to a high gloss finish.

The Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating Complete Kit includes:

30cc Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating
Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating provides protection measured in years, not weeks or months. This easy-to-apply coating was designed for painted surfaces, glass, wheels, head lights, and hard exterior plastic trim. It’s packaged in a syringe for easy application. Uber Ceramic Coating lasts up to 3 years on painted surfaces, 2 years on wheels and 1 year on glass. It offers protection without compromise. And the shine, it must be seen to believe. A single 30cc syringe will coat up to 6 midsize cars with protection that is unrivaled by a wax or paint sealant.

16 oz. Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep
Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep is a powerful cleaner that removes unwanted polishing oils, finger prints, fillers, and silicone oils from freshly polished surfaces. What’s the importance of removing the aforementioned contaminants before waxing, sealing, or coating your vehicle? Simply put, the cleaner the surface, the better your wax, sealant, or coating will adhere. This critical step is especially important when applying Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating, a resin-based surface coating that will only adhere to surfaces that have been first pre-treated with Perfekt Finish Paint Prep.

16 oz. Wolfgang Auto Bathe
Wolfgang Auto Bathe is a rich, high sudsing car shampoo that pampers even the most delicate paint finishes. This high lubricity car wash lathers your vehicle in paint-protecting foam as it loosens and lifts dirt and grime. Wolfgang Auto Bathe leaves your vehicle looking clean, shiny, and virtually water spot-free.

Wolfgang Auto Bathe will please even the most discriminating auto enthusiast. Wolfgang’s research and development team began with the idea of a state-of-the-art car wash that would be natural and gentle, yet very effective, making the most of cutting-edge research and development in non-toxic, biodegradable cleansers.

2 Lake Country Coating Applicators
The Lake Country Coating Applicator is a specially designed applicator for applying your favorite surface coating. Constructed using super soft open-cell gold foam, the Lake Country Coating Applicator ensures thin, even coats of your favorite paint, wheel, or glass coating are applied. The Lake Country Coating Applicator and its unique construction minimizes product waste, allowing you to maximize your investment.

Black Fine Flex Foam Finger Pockets, 2 Pack
Manufactured using a fine, ultra-soft foam, the Black Fine Flex Foam Finger Pocket is perfect for applying paste and liquid waxes, finishing glazes, wheel and tire dressing, and protectant on interior surfaces. Make sure every inch of your vehicle, especially those hard to reach zones, is polished and perfect!

2 Wolfgang Concours-Series Microfiber Towel, 16 x 24 inches
The Wolfgang Concours-Series Microfiber Towel is an exceptionally soft, edgeless towel that is designed for buffing off polishes, waxes, and paint sealants. The Wolfgang Concours-Series Microfiber Towel weighs in at an impressive 460 g/m2, making it thick enough for all your detailing needs, without the annoying drag normally associated with towels this thick. At 16 x 24 inches, The Wolfgang Concours-Series Microfiber Towel is large and easy to fold into smaller, more manageable sizes.

Kit includes:
30cc Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating
16 oz. Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep
16 oz. Wolfgang Auto Bathe
2 Lake Country Coating Applicators
2 Black Fine Flex Foam Finger Pockets
2 Wolfgang Concours-Series Microfiber Towel, 16 x 24 inches

A total retail value of $296.92. You save $66.93!

Please note: Included with each syringe of Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating is a blue, needle-shaped stopper. This is inserted into the syringe during application to restrict the flow of product. This provides the user more control on how much product is applied to the applicator.

Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of this products by air, UPS 3 Day, UPS 2, or US Mail. This item is shipped by UPS Ground only. Sorry but no APO or FPO addresses.

Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating Complete Kit - 30cc

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Newark, DE
I waited almost a year before writing this...just to be sure. I put the coating on my wife's 2010 Audi Q5. It is garage kept and very rarely spends a day in the sun....just to set the stage. Application is easy and straight forward. Less is more. Once complete, I expected it to last a month or so but am pleased to report that after almost a year of mid Atlantic summer and winter (Delaware) the coating is still going strong. It has stood up to bi-weekly commercial car washes and does not appear to be dissipating. After each wash I top it with Duragloss 923 detailing spray and it always turns out great. If you are on the fence....hop off, it is worth the time and money. Easy application and lasts.....well....forever as far as I can tell.
ProsEasy application, long lasting, beautiful
ConsBlinding shine :)
Vidor, TX
easier to apply than you think
I was concerned about applying this coating for no reason. The major work is in getting the paint right and smooth. 1 wash, 2 clay bars, 2 step paint correction, 3x perfekt finish paint prep and 1 extra wipe down to make sure it was wiped down well. That part is a lot of work, applying this product no big deal. Getting ready 10 hours, applying the coating 1.5 hours. Simple quick and easy. Used 6cc product on my q5, wheels and glass included. It goes a long way if you apply it correctly. Don't go thick and if you miss a spot, it shows up and you can finish that spot. Very forgiving!
ProsGood shine, easy application
Blaine, WA
Get the full kit
Had everything I needed in the kit. I was lead to believe it was hard to apply. It was so easy. I would recommend this product to anyone. I'm happy I did my research and chose the best.
great product
After watching a ton of youtube videos from folks DIY their ceramic coat, i decided to buy the Wolfgang kit. Easy to apply and use. But somethings i learned: 1. in a cold garage, it will definitely take longer than the 1-2 minutes to dry. my garage was 50'ish, and i let it sit for 5 - 10 minutes. Apply it in good lighting so you can see the product going on wet, and work that section till you hear light streaking from the applicator. 2. very important to use the Wolfgang Prep Spray! it removes any oils left over product from the polishing compound. 15ML'ish was enough to do my Tundra. But not enough to do the all the Glass. :). I might have been applying it too thick.
Proseasy to use with provided instructions easy to apply 3 months and still going strong