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Wheel Shield

Wheel Shield   An inexpensive, time saving trick that the pros use!

Like glossy, dressed tires, but hate messy overspray on your wheels? Hats off to the guy that came up with The Wheel Shield for making tire dressing application less messy. If you use a spray dressing, this is a must! Nothing more than a circular plastic disc, with precise tire diameters clearly marked, it’s inexpensive but infinitely useful. Cut along the line to tailor it to 17, 16, 15, 14, or 13” wheels. A handle in the center makes it easy to hold against your wheel as you apply tire dressing. Remove the wheel shield to reveal beautifully dressed tires and spotless wheels.

Are you looking for a good spray-on tire dressing? I keep a can of Stoner’s More Shine, Less Time, an easy-to-use aerosol, on hand for a quick tire dress-up when I’m in a hurry. One coat produces a satin finish, two delivers a high gloss. Application takes just fifteen seconds per tire, doesn’t need to be wiped off, won't harm wheels or paint, and gives protection against UV radiation. The finish left after using More Shine, Less Time repels water and dirt and won't "brown" tires. This Tire Shine is clear and non-greasy, but not a paint. If you prefer a product without silicon, Stoner also makes another version of the same product in a non-silicon formula. Silicone can cause “fish eyes” if it lands on the paint. More Shine, Less Time for Vinyl, Plastic & Rubber without silicone is a safe bet.

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