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Wax Shop Tune Up 3000 Fine Polishing Compound

Wax Shop Tune Up 3000 Fine Polishing CompoundGives your paint the perfect gloss!

Wax Shop Tune Up 3000 smooths out and corrects even the finest swirls and scratches. Wax Shop Tune Up 3000 uses sub-micron abrasives that perfect your paint and leave behind an incredible level of depth and clarity. Wax Shop Tune Up 3000 contains high-quality lubrication technology that greatly improves work time and dramatically reduces dusting!

The gloss and shine that you see on show-cars is not generated from the wax or sealant that the owner applied to the paint. Rather, this is created by the smoothness of the paint surface below that wax. When light reflects off of your paint surface, any imperfections that exist in the paint cause that light to be reflected off in another random direction. This diminishes the gloss that is perceived by those looking at your paint. Thus, the best way to improve the gloss on your paint is to make sure that the surface is as smooth as possible.

In order to achieve this ideal smoothness, you need a product that is able to level the surface of your paint without leaving behind and hazing or holograms in the process. Wax Shop Tune Up 3000 is this product. The sub-micron abrasive technology contained in Wax Shop Tune Up 3000 is so small that will be able to gently buff away the minute swirls and scratches that are ruining your gloss, without having a perceivable impact on the gloss itself. Wax Shop Tune Up 3000 is sure to generate the deepest, glossiest finish you have every witnessed!

When you are using a polish on your paint, you want to ensure that you are given plenty of time to work the product over your paint before it dries and becomes dangerous to continue polishing. The lubricants contained in Wax Shop Tune Up 3000 keep the product wet and hydrated, allowing you to work the product for extended periods of time without having to worry about possible pad haze due to working your pad on a dry surface.

The lubricants in Wax Shop Tune Up 3000 also perform an additional function. Once the liquid evaporates out of polishes, it causes all the solids in the formula to be slung across the surface of the paint. This effect is commonly referred to as “dusting”. Because the lubricants in Wax Shop Tune Up 3000 keep the product wet for a longer period of time, the risk for dusting or other residue is greatly diminished.

1. Apply 3-4 dime sized drops evenly spaced on the appropriate foam pad.
2. Use treated pad to dab a 2 ft. x 2 ft. area of your paint.
3. Turn on machine and apply light to medium pressure in a cross-hatch pattern – up and down motion first, then side to side. Use appropriate speed and pad for the type of polisher being used.
4. Remove immediately with a microfiber towel.

16 oz.