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Wax Shop Slick Stuff Spray Detailer

Touch up your paint between washes!

Wax Shop Slick Stuff uses progressive polymer technology to clean the surface of your paint between washes. Wax Shop Slick Stuff will revitalize the gloss and shine your paint has and prevent it from dulling prematurely. With regular use of Wax Shop Slick Stuff, you will even be able to extend the life-span of your protectant!

Every car, yes even garage queens, are exposed to elements and particles that will dirty the surface and prevent the shine from showing through. When these particles land on your paint, the only way to get your shine back is to clean them off the surface. While washing your entire car would certainly solve this issue, dragging out your hose and buckets every day just to ensure that your paint stay shiny is a huge waste of time and effort.

These light soils and contaminants can be easily cleaned off the surface of your paint with a product like Wax Shop Slick Stuff. This innovative spray detailer will give you the lubrication and cleaning ability you need to wipe away these soil that threatens your gloss. No buckets, no foam-gun, no water. Just spray Wax Shop Slick Stuff on the surface and wipe the soil away!
Refresh your paint's finish with Wax Shop Slick Stuff Spray Detailer!

However, Wax Shop Slick Stuff does more than just allow you to remove soil from your paint! The progressive polymer technology used in its formulation also provides and impeccable level of shine as well! This means that Wax Shop Slick Stuff increase your shine two-fold, first by cleaning off the dust, and second by using its amazing polymers to leave behind a glossy finish!

Wax Shop Slick Stuff also helps you get the most out of your other detailing products. The same polymers that allow Wax Shop Slick Stuff to provide a high shine also provide your wax or sealant with added protection. This means that with regular use of Wax Shop Slick Stuff, your existing wax or sealant will last even longer!

Directions: Shake Well. Use detailer to remove light dust and fingerprints between washes. Mist 3 to 4 sprays per panel. Gently spread and wipe with a folded microfiber towel. Turn Microfiber cloth over and wipe to a high gloss streak-free shine. Can be used on all non-porous exterior surfaces including glass. Do not use on cloth or convertible tops.

16 oz.

Wax Shop Slick Stuff Spray Detailer

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Findlay , Ohio
Slick enough
The wax shop slick stuff is a pretty unique product and autogeek gave us the opportunity to sample it. Slick stuff is unique in its own way is unlike most quick detailers on the market that we have fused and we used every major brand of quick detailer on the market even private labeled companies and we have found ourselves reaching for this product over our daily used products. This product is very easy to use and leaves a very slick surface and is paired very well with deep reflection carnauba liquid wax from the wax shop. L with this product more is a little bit better when it comes to applying because it gives you a more working time and it seems to level down better. It is able to go on glass black plastic trim paint chrome headlights and taillights as well as the faces of rims. This product is good for not only Weekend Warriors but professionals alike who want something that can quickly dust off a vehicle and add more slickness to something that has already had carnuba wax applied to it previously.
ProsHas a very good fragrance Leaves a super slick surface on top of the wax shop deep reflection liquid carnauba wax Streak free in most environments except for direct sunlight Able to go on a variety of different surfaces and leave a brilliant finish relatively inexpensive depending on the amount of detailing you do Can be used as a standalone product to add slickness to the surface of the vehicle for a quick detail
ConsIf applying little product it is difficult to rub into the surface increase a lot of drag between the towel and the finished panel You have to use more product to get a better finish then most other comprable products.