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Wax Shop Overhaul 1000 Heavy Cut Compound 32 oz.

Restores your paint to an even gloss!

Wax Shop Overhaul 1000 will effortlessly remove up to 1200 grit paint imperfections from your paint, leaving an even surface behind. Wax Shop Overhaul 1000 is formulated with advance lubrication technology that provides you with much more working time when compared to other compounds of its class. Wax Shop Overhaul 1000 is ideal for professional body shops as well thanks to its silicone-free and no-dust formula!

Scratches, swirls, RIDS, chips, and spots. Often, they are an unavoidable consequence of owning a car that actually leaves the garage. With all of the hazards and contamination that your paint in exposed to, it is near impossible to completely avoid these unsightly marks. The only way to ensure that your paint stay as glossy as possible for as long as possible to remove these imperfections once they rear their ugly heads. And the only way to accomplish this is to abrade the surface of your paint and either grind the imperfections down or bring the surface down to their level.

The thought of literally grinding the surface of your paint with what is essentially liquid sand-paper is probably a little daunting. That is why it is crucial to ensure that the product you are using is of extremely high quality. Otherwise, you could end up causing much more damage than you started out with. Wax Shop Overhaul 1000 contains professional-grade heavy-cut abrasive technology that will give you the power to correct heavy damage without making matters worse!
Wax Shop Overhaul is perfect for use with a FLEX XC3401 Polisher - remove swirls, scratches, and other paint imperfections quickly!

Wax Shop Overhaul 1000 is also formulated to avoid one of the most annoying properties of traditional compounds. Dusting. When you have to spend more time wiping the residue caused by your compound than you did compounding in the first place, it make the whole process very time-consuming and frustrating. The lubricants contained in Wax Shop Overhaul 1000 greatly reduce the evaporation of the product, resulting in dramatically reduced dust and residue.

The lubricants in Wax Shop Overhaul 1000 also ensure that the product does not quickly dry while working it, allowing you ample time to really work those imperfections out of the paint.

Wax Shop Overhaul 1000 is designed without the use of silicones, making it 100% body-shop safe!

1. Apply 3-4 dime sized drops evenly spaced on the appropriate foam pad.
2. Use treated pad to dab a 2 ft. x 2 ft. area of your paint.
3. Turn on machine and apply light to medium pressure in a cross-hatch pattern – up and down motion first, then side to side. Use appropriate speed and pad for the type of polisher being used.
4. Remove immediately with a microfiber towel.

32 oz.

Wax Shop Overhaul 1000 Heavy Cut Compound 32 oz.

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Wax Shop Overhaul 1000 Heavy Cut Compound 32 oz.