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Wax Shop Cherry Snow Foam Car Wash

Wax Shop Cherry Snow Foam Car WashProvides a thorough and safe clean!

Cherry Snow Foam Car Wash will allow you to get the most out of your weekly car wash! The thick foam of Cherry Snow Foam Car Wash easily lifts the dirt and other soil off your paint, ensuring you get an extreme level of clean. Cherry Snow Foam Car Wash has plenty of foam and lubrication that keeps the dirt suspended to prevent re-adherence and potential for washing-induced swirls and scratches. The pH balanced formula of Cherry Snow Foam Car Wash will not harm your existing wax or sealant during the washing process.

The concept of the weekly car wash has been instilled in us so often that it almost seems cliché. However, this process is extremely important if you hope to keep your paint not only healthy, but more importantly, glossy! A weekly wash will remove the dirt and other soil that collects on the surface of your paint throughout the week and restore the shine you and your paint crave. However, if you are using the wrong car shampoo, you could end up causing yourself more issues than if you were to just the dirt on there in the first place. Cherry Snow Foam Car Wash is designed to be the perfect choice of car wash no matter your personal preference or need.
Wax Shop Cherry Snow Foam Car Wash works perfectly with both a foam gun or cannon, as well as by hand with a wash mitt!

One of the main concerns when washing your car is the potential to instill washing-induced swirls in your paint in the process. These swirls are caused by the dirt and grit that is already on your paint being ground into the paint when you rub your mitt across the surface. In order to reduce this risk, Cherry Snow Foam Car Wash is formulated with ample amounts of lubrication that will keep this dirt from being dragged across your paint!

An effective level of clean can be generated in two ways, either through plenty of foam or through harsh chemicals. Most shampoos favor the latter of the two. These chemicals, while very effective at removing dirt, are also equally effective at removing your wax or sealants! Cherry Snow Foam Car Wash however, prefers to generate clean through foam, allowing you to not only receive a great clean, but also avoid having to reapply your finishing product!

For Foam-gun/Foam-cannon wash: Add 2-3 FL OZ to 16 OZ foam device canister. Top off with water. Shake to mix. Apply liberally with foam device top to bottom. Use microfiber mitt to gently agitate foam to remove soil on exterior vehicle surfaces. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry.

For Hand Wash: Add 2 to 3 FL OZ to a 5 gallon bucket. Fill bucket with a strong stream of water. Wash vehicle from top to bottom. Rinse and towel dry. 16 oz.