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DP Waterless Auto Wash

DP Waterless Auto Wash

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No water, no problem for this enhancing waterless wash!

Waterless washes are the fastest, most convenient and versatile washes out there and DP Waterless Auto Wash is no exception. DP Waterless Auto Wash uses a high-lubricity formula to gently and effectively remove contaminants from your car. DP Waterless Auto Wash contains UV protectants to keep the sun’s harmful rays from future damage. The end result of DP Waterless Auto Wash is a glossy, clear and clean finish. The best part? DP Waterless Auto Wash doesn’t require a bucket, hose or any water at all!

Not everyone has the luxury using generous amounts of water for washing cars. Whether it is because of water restrictions in your area, if you live in a condo/apartment where water isn’t easily accessible or even if you are on a road trip, water can be hard to come by. Just because water is scarce, doesn’t mean your car has to go without its bath. DP Waterless Auto Wash is the answer to your struggle!

What you can expect:
• CLEAN! High lubricating formula washes away all kinds of contaminants for a glossy finish!
• SAFE! Feel free to use this on your car’s paint, glass, chrome, plastics and metals!
• PROTECTS! Save your car from the sun’s rays with extra UV protectants!
• CONVENIENT! You don’t need water, a bucket or a hose!

First things first, DP Waterless Auto Wash does not need water! That’s right, a car wash without the actual water part. You don’t need a bucket either! Just DP Waterless Auto Wash and a bunch of clean, microfiber towels. DP Waterless Wash is great in a variety of scenarios. You could be in a place where water is restricted due to drought-like conditions and are not allowed to use water… You could live in a condo/apartment where you don’t have access to a hose hook up… You could be on a long road trip and find your car littered with bugs and mud… Or you could simply be in a hurry and need a quick touch up wash… Or maybe you just use a waterless wash as a weekly maintenance wash. All these reasons and more, more than qualify as a great reason to use DP Waterless Auto Wash.
Simply spray DP Waterless Auto Wash directly onto a dirty surface and wipe away using a plush microfiber towel! The lubricating formula allows the microfiber's long fibers to remove debris from the surface without scarring!

DP Waterless Auto Wash is a powerful, highly lubricating formula guaranteed to destroy any contaminants that come in its path. The high lubricity allows for your towel/mitt to glide smoothly across the surface, eliminating the possibility of marring. Gently, but effectively, this waterless wash will remove dirt, dust, oils and other environmental contaminants that are wreaking havoc on your surface. After the cleaning agents have done their job removing pesky contaminants, it is now time for DP Waterless Auto Wash to complete its transformation and leave your car’s surface with a glossy finish with clarity you can see your own reflection in!

Bonus, DP Waterless Auto Wash protects your car from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Your car is out in the sun almost always, so you need a product that will keep it safe from the damage that the giant fire ball can impose. Plus, you can feel better washing your car completely with DP Waterless Auto Wash as it is safe to use on vertically every surface. Surfaces including paint, glass, chrome, plastics and metals. Save time and money by keeping all areas of your car clean with one easy-to-use spray bottle.

Directions for use:
1. Working panel by panel, liberally spray the surface to be cleaned with DP Waterless Auto Wash
2. Wipe away product using plenty of clean microfiber towels.
3. Flip your towel to a clean side and buff away any additional excess product.
4. Continue doing these steps around the entire vehicle.

16 oz.

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Glen Ellyn , Illinois
Great Detailer/Waterless Wash
Used this on my Miata and Mazda 3 wagon and was able to clean both cars twice as well as the wheels on each. This small bottle allowed me to get 4 "washes" albeit on smaller vehicles. Smells good, nice lotion-like feel as you wipe then go back to buff off, leaves surface clean and no haze or smears. Worked well to get fresh brake dust off the wheels and cleaned glass with no streaks.
ProsGreat smell, lots of lubricity, clings to surface, wipes streak free and leaves clean surface
San Jose California.
DP Waterless Wash.
No different than the other 20/30 of the same products out there. It smells nice and leaves the car fairly slick.
ProsS. O. S. Just a different brand.
ConsSmae as everyone else out there.
Anaheim, California
Solid Waterless Wash
DP Waterless Auto Wash left my 2020 Honda Civic clean and glossy. It was exceptionally easy to use with high lubrication properties. Absolutely no complaints on the product itself. Only issue is that you use a lot of it when cleaning even a small car, so the bottle doesn't last very long at all. I will probably only get one more wash out of the bottle. DP should have a larger size or gallon size available for this product.
Pros- Excellent job cleaning the car - High lubrication - Easy to use - High gloss
Cons- Small bottle