Towels, Chamois, & Drying Tools

Towels, Chamois, & Drying Tools

Keep your paint in tip-top condition by simply drying!

I take it for granted that everyone dries their car and knows exactly why they do, until my daughter educated me. For her sixteenth birthday I presented her with a car-a nice used car. It was in great condition, inside and out, and she couldn't have been more delighted. She promised to take care of it and keep it clean. A week passes and it was time to wash it, I gently reminded her. I went about my day, running errands and such. That night she informed me that she did, indeed, wash the car. The next morning as I ventured out for the morning paper, passing my daughter's car-I froze in my tracks. There in all its glory stood the formerly beautiful black car, spackled in water spots. We immediately had a little lesson about the importance of drying. Seems that no one ever told her that drying the car is as important as washing. She said that she figured since it could just dry by itself in the sun, she didn't need to unnecessarily do extra work. This is what I told her: Water almost always contains some trace amounts of minerals like calcium or iron, salt or air pollution. Especially hot climates where evaporation begins to happen almost at once, the contaminants are left behind and begin to bake onto the surface of your car. The longer they sit, the more they bond and eat away at the clear coat. What was once a water spot will eventually become water etching-very hard to remove once it reaches this stage.

Don't underestimate what proper drying does for your vehicle. It may seem trivial until you understand why it's important. Drying your car after a rain, an accidental confrontation with a sprinkler, or washing (even when you run it through a carwash) will save you time and money. There are a number of tools and towels, natural and synthetic, available for every preference. We even have electric powered blowers that do the job for you. It takes only minutes and minimal effort to dry, and you'll avoid water spot problems. And, now that you've been told, no more excuses!

Please see our detailing tips section on How to Avoid Water Spots, Water Etching, and Acid Rain.

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