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Stoner Speed Bead Quick Detailer

Stoner Speed Bead Quick DetailerFor 50% more shine, gloss, and durability in just one application!

Stoner Speed Beach Quick Detailer is a blend of highly refined carnauba wax and hydrophobic polymer technology that promotes water beading, and will enhance your existing wax protection. Use Stoner Speed Bead Quick Detailer between regular waxes for a boost to your paint. The fast spray-on, wipe-off formula lets you shine your paint in just a few minutes!
Use Stoner Speed Bead for quick details between waxes!
For a quick shine, use Stoner Speed Bead between waxes for an instant boost!

Waxes go hand in hand with quick detailers. Not only do they enhance the shine already created by a layer of wax, but they actually add to the durability of that wax layer. And just like the name implies, it's quick! Say you've just spent a whole day detailing and waxing your car, only to run to the store and find the paint covered in dust. Your shine is already duller! But, a quick detailer will fix that for you!

Stoner Speed Bead Quick Detailer can be used between waxes to boost and enhance that layer of protection. In fact, you can use it as often as you like since Stoner Speed Bead will not leave any build-up or streaking with additional uses. Stoner Speed Bead contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives that can damage paint. All that's left behind is a glossy finish and a pleasant Pina Colada scent!

Keep Stoner Speed Bead Quick Detailer on hand at all times for quick details between road trips, or even has just a boost after applying your favorite wax! Simply spray a fine mist of Stoner Speed Bead directly onto the paint surface, and buff off with a clean microfiber towel, in circular motions.

22 oz.