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Sonus Trim & Motor Kote 16.9 oz.

Silicone protectants and dressings wash away after one or two washes, but Sonus Trim & Motor Kote wears like iron!

Are you tired of applying silicone sprays and dressings on your textured plastic trim, wheel well liners, and engine only to have it wash away or evaporate in a matter of days? There is a better way to treat these surfaces: Sonus Trim & Motor Kote.

Sonus Trim & Motor Kote is an easy-to-apply acrylic wax coating that protects textured plastic, rubber, cast aluminum, vinyl and paint. Designed for high temperature applications, Sonus Trim & Motor Kote withstands 240 to 280 degree temperatures for extended periods, making it the perfect wax coating for your engine, bed liner and other exposed black plastic trim.

Sonus Trim & Motor Kote is resistant to water and road salts. Use as an undercarriage dressing to beautify and protect. When applied to clean wheel well liners or painted undercarriage areas, Sonus Trim & Motor Kote restores a fresh, new appearance.

Use Sonus Trim & Motor Kote on plastic rocker panels and under-bumper valences for protection that lasts weeks, not days. The finish is a natural sheen that looks new, not artificial. When dry, Sonus Trim & Motor Kote is not greasy or tacky, so it will not attract dust or dirt.

Sonus Trim & Motor Kote is a spray-on, walk-away acrylic wax sealant. Unlike most dressings, Trim & Motor Kote penetrates, bonds and dries hard to completely protect the treated surface. Silicone dressings and protectants can't compare.
  • Makes engines and undercarriages look like new!
  • Lasts weeks, not days!
  • Protects engines against corrosion. Replaces OEM factory engine treatment.
  • Beautifies and protects plastic cladding, rockers and valences.
  • Outperforms all silicone gels, sprays and creams!
  • Dries to a satin, dust resistant finish.

Shake well before use. Thoroughly clean and dry engine or trim before treatment. Apply only to a clean, dry surface. Protect areas that you do not want coated with Sonus Trim & Motor Kote. A small piece of cardboard makes a good spray shield or tinfoil.

Sonus Trim & Motor Kote dries to a clear, dust resistant, satin finish. Spray two generous coats to cover area, allowing 15-30 minutes drying time between coats. Thin spray will tend to spot. DO NOT WIPE. Allow one hour final drying time before use. Remove overspray with a damp towel before product dries. For exterior use only. Not recommended as a tire dressing. After use, flush sprayer with fresh water to prevent clogging.

16.9 oz. spray bottle. Made in the USA!

Sonus Trim & Motor Kote 16.9 oz.

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15 Reviews
80% (12)
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13% (2)
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87% Recommend this product (13 of 15 responses)
I was skeptical as I applied this "spray and let it dry" product, but will admit that it turned out great. Yes you do need to follow the directions and go over with a second coat. Then let that dry for some time, preferably overnight if you can. You'll be very impressed with the results. Mine is also holding up well several months later.

The reason I give 4 stars instead of 5, and this is minor, but the foam engine cover on my wife's explorer did not take as well to this product as the hard plastics and metal in the other areas and with my Pontiac. So be aware of this one drawback.
Prosso easy
Consdoesn't play well with foam engine covers
Minden, NV
Reviews are right; it's worth the hype
Outstanding. Makes your hoses and black plastics in the engine bay look glossy and brand new. Easy to apply, spray an walk away. You won't regret buying this. It looks terrible when you first spray it with blotches and streaks and white liquid. 15 minutes later it evens out and looks amazing. Truly no need to wipe.
ProsSpray and walk away Lasts Doesn't attract dust Looks amazing
ConsLooks splotchy when first applied. Can streak and look weird if wiped down. Pools easily.
Byron Center, MI
Great for detailing under the hood
I've been using this product for at least 4 years. I break it out every spring after first degreasing and cleaning the engine bay. As suggested, I use two coats although one coat will look good after a night in the garage. I let the first coat sit and spread for a couple of hours, and then add the second coat, allowing me to catch some of the areas that I might have overlooked the first time. Overnight it looks like my car did when it was new..
Westminster, Maryland
Excellent product
This is my favorite undercarriage product. After cleaning, this product holds up the longest to keep the underside of my hot rod looking sharp.
Spray on and walk away
Been using this on all my engines since 2015. If you want a motor that looks showroom new then look no farther. Clean and dry the engine spray this stuff on it will look like crap but have faith shut the hood and look at it the next day. WOW will be your thoughts.
ProsWOW factor Lasts a year or more