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Sonus Aluminum Sealant 16.9 oz

Sonus Aluminum Sealant for Wheels and Trim
  • Sonus Aluminum Sealant
  • Works great on Chrome and All Uncoated Aluminum
  • Long Lasting Protection Boosted by Polycharger
Sonus Aluminum Sealant is boosted by Polycharger to ensure a long lasting protection from road salts, detergents and oxidization. This easy to use formula offers a crisp high-gloss shine, plus months of protection!

Works great on chrome as well as uncoated aluminum parts, wheels, fuel tanks and unpainted aluminum boats and trailers. For neglected or oxidized surfaces, use Sonus Aluminum Polish or Sonus Chrome Polish first to rejuvenate a brilliant shine.

Directions: Shake well before using. Apply a dime size amount to a clean dry applicator. Work in a small area at a time (6 inch by 6 inch). Wipe residues off using a clean dry soft micro fiber towel. Avoid contact with plastic, vinyl and rubber due to staining. If contact occurs, remove immediately using a damp microfiber towel.

16.9 oz. bottle

Sonus Aluminum Sealant 16.9 oz

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Sonus Aluminum Sealant 16.9 oz