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SONAX Wheel Rim Brush

SONAX Wheel Rim BrushA perfect complement to the best wheel cleaner – SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect!

Say goodbye to brake dust and say hello to the SONAX Wheel Rim Brush! The SONAX Wheel Rim Brush is an ergonomically designed, metal-free wheel brush that gently removes caked-on brake dust and road grime from all wheel finishes. Its non-slip rubber handle ensures a sure grip, even with wet hands! Pair the SONAX Wheel Rim Brush with a good wheel cleaner, like SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect, and your wheels will be clean and sparkling in no time!

The SONAX Wheel Rim Brush is constructed of a non-slip rubber handle that is partially wrapped with a mesh nylon material. This soft, rugged material gently loosens brake dust and road grime, leaving your wheels clean and sparkling. At a total length of about 9 inches with half of that wrapped in mesh nylon, the SONAX Wheel Rim Brush is the perfect size for cleaning most wheels. Its slim profile enables the SONAX Wheel Rim Brush to clean between spokes, behind brake calipers and more!

The SONAX Wheel Rim Brush is safe on all wheel finishes including painted, chrome, clear coated, powder coated and polished aluminum. This ingeniously designed brush will quickly become a staple in your detailing supplies.

Wheel cleaning doesn’t have to be as laborious as people make it out to be. When you add quality tools to your detailing arsenal, like the SONAX Wheel Rim Brush, heavy rubbing and scrubbing will quickly become a thing of the past.