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SONAX Wheel Cleaner PLUS New Formula

20% stronger than the original SONAX Wheel Cleaner PLUS!

SONAX Wheel Cleaner PLUS is a supercharged version of the award winning SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect. SONAX Wheel Cleaner PLUS is 30% stronger than its stable mate, making it the obvious choice for really dirty wheels. Like its counterpart, SONAX Wheel Cleaner PLUS turn red as it cleans! SONAX Wheel Cleaner PLUS is acid-free and safe on all wheel finishes.

Brake dust is a problem that plagues all vehicles, from sports cars to daily drivers. Every time you hit the brakes, ferrous (iron containing) brake dust particles land on your wheels. No big deal? Think again! Brake-dust particles slowly eat away at the finish, causing long-term damage like corrosion and pitting. Regularly cleaning your wheels with soap and water isn’t enough – you need SONAX Wheel Cleaner PLUS to deep clean your wheels, ridding them of damaging brake dust particles.

SONAX Wheel Cleaner Plus is safe on all wheel finishes! SONAX Wheel Cleaner PLUS is safe for all wheel finishes!

SONAX Wheel Cleaner Plus is ph neutral to protect your wheels’ finish. Compared to many wheel cleaners on the market, SONAX Wheel Cleaner Plus doesn’t utilize harsh detergents or acids in its formulation. SONAX Wheel Cleaner Plus is safe on all wheel finishes, including clear coated, painted, aluminum, anodized, and stainless steel. Clean with confidence!

SONAX Wheel Cleaner Plus changes color as it cleans!
It actually turns red as it penetrates dirt and grime! Not only does SONAX Wheel Cleaner Plus remove oily road grime, it dissolves brake-dust particles, leaving your wheels cleaner than they ever have been!

SONAX Wheel Cleaner Plus changes color as it cleans! Turns red as it cleans

SONAX Wheel Cleaner Plus is perfect for the enthusiast that normally dreads cleaning their wheels. Why? Because it makes what used to be a laborious task quick and easy! SONAX Wheel Cleaner Plus removes brake dust and road grime faster than conventional wheel cleaners.

Put the finishing touch on your tire by applying BLACKFIRE Total Eclipse Tire Gel Rinse, dry, and put the finishing touch on by dressing your tires with SONAX Tire Gloss Gel

Spray on SONAX Wheel Cleaner Plus and allow it to dwell for several seconds as the cleaner turns red. If necessary, use a soft-bristled wheel brush to clean between spokes. The Speed Master Wheel Brush has soft nylon bristles that are gentle on all wheels, and it cleans deep between spokes. Rinse with clean water and towel dry to prevent water spots. Dress tires with your favorite tire gel – we recommend SONAX Tire Gloss Gel because its water based formula will not sling, and it gives your tires a rich, low-gloss appearance.

750 ml (25.4 FL OZ)

Made in Germany.

SONAX Wheel Cleaner PLUS New Formula

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80% Recommend this product (16 of 20 responses)
Hot Springs Village, AR
Only used once
Bought this product after being highly recommended during a chat session with one the Autogeek chat reps. I just bought a new 2020 GM with the black painted wheels. I have never had this type of wheel before buying this truck. After using Sonax the first time, I was a little disappointed in the overall results obtained. These black wheels appeared to have some sort of film left after the final rinsing. I also used one of the recommended brushes to assist in the cleaning process by slightly agitating as suggested. The jury is still out for me on this product. It is a bit pricey,
, Treasure Coast of Florida
Superior Wheel cleaner
All of the wheel cleaners work well. The SONAX WHEEL CLEANER PLUS is a step above. The products turns to a deep red/purplish color to let you know that it is doing it's job. Not a gimmick...I depend upon it while I'm busy working on parts of the vehicle. Just be careful when spraying it on the wheels, don't let it splash back near your face. Use with adult supervision.
Clearwater Florida
The Best
I love Sonax. This stuff gets the job done and is extremely user friendly. It's expensive but there is a good reason.
ProsIt works
Doral, FL
Excellent product
great for cleaning neglected wheels, didn't notice any difference between regular and plus
Apex, NC
Amazing Results - Very Unexpected
I have a '90 BMW 325is with weathered rims and a 1999 Porsche 911 with beautiful rims. Both sets are a pain to detail and I have tried more products than I care to remember. Most of them gave me the same level of results. This product was very different. I was very surprised by the amount of disc brake dust this product removed! With old BMW basketweave BBS rims, it's nearly impossible to get the dust out of the nooks & crannies! And with the Porsche BBS rims, there are bolts around the 3-piece alloys that always capture the dust and it bakes on during the summer. This Sonax product got rid of the dust in all of those annoying areas with very little effort on my part.
ProsExtremely good at getting baked on dust out of the corners and hard to reach places. Turns purple when it's working. Smells good. No acid. A little goes a long way.
ConsIt's expensive for a product that I'll use every week or more.