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Sonax Ultimate Cut 6+ 128 oz.

All the cutting power you could ask for!

Sonax Ultimate Cut 6+ is designed to be an extremely fast abrasive compound to remove deep scratches and sanding marks. Sonax Ultimate Cut 6+ is made with pure, sharp edged aluminum oxide that will provide powerful and even abrasion to the surface. As powerful as it is, Sonax Ultimate Cut 6+ is water-based and made without the use of silicones or fillers, so it is body-shop safe. Even though it can easily remove defects from gel coat, Sonax Ultimate Cut 6+ is perfectly safe for even the softest car paint.

Scratches can happen on your car in more ways than one. There are the obvious ways, like tree branches or keying (gasp!), but there are also the less obvious ways like simply placing a bag on your trunk or, in the case of black paint, staring at it too hard! In all seriousness though, scratches are not what anyone wants. Get rid of scratches for good with Sonax Ultimate Cut 6+.

Sonax Ultimate Cut 6+ was designed using 80 years of liquid abrasive knowledge and technological research. These tiny abrasives easily remove defects from your paint without being so aggressive that burn-throughs are likely. With the ability to remove deep scratches on even the most neglected paint, Sonax Ultimate Cut 6+ will greatly reduce the time it takes for any scratch removal or paint leveling! Sonax Ultimate Cut 6+ can remove up to 1000 grit sanding marks with very little effort on your part. Sonax Ultimate Cut 6+ is able to do this by using a unique formula of aluminum oxide that forgoes the normal dusting and hazing you would typically expect. Not only is Sonax Ultimate Cut 6+ fast and low dusting, but it is also easy to wipe away, making buffing away residue a breeze.

As powerful, as it is, Sonax Ultimate Cut 6+ is still very safe. In fact, it is formulated without any fillers or silicones, meaning that it is body shop safe. Sonax Ultimate Cut 6+ can be safely used to level freshly painted surfaces without the risk of causing fisheyes in the paint! This makes it extremely versatile for any detailer, professional or hobbyist.

It is best to use Sonax Ultimate Cut 6+ with a lambswool pad on a rotary polisher or a hybrid wool pad on an orbital polisher to achieve optimal abrasion potential.

128 oz.

Sonax Ultimate Cut 6+ 128 oz.

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Sonax Ultimate Cut 6+ 128 oz.