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SONAX Rim Shield

FAST and EASY protection for all wheels!

SONAX Rim Shield is best described as magic in a can! This high-tech polymer coating is a FAST and EASY way to protect your wheels against the damaging affects of brake dust, road grime, dirt and oil. By blanketing your wheels in a super slippery, self-cleaning coating, SONAX Rim Shield actually works to keep your wheels cleaner in between regular washes. Speaking of washes, all you need to clean wheels that have been coated with SONAX Rim Shield is a mild car wash detergent, such as SONAX Gloss Shampoo.

Cleaning wheels is arguably the most tedious, laborious aspect of car care, so why not make it easier by coating your wheels with SONAX Rim Shield? This advanced German formula creates a thick, glossy barrier of protection that does not allow brake dust and road grime to adhere to your wheels’ finish. What does this mean for you? Your wheels stay cleaner, longer!

SONAX Rim Shield keeps your wheels clean and protected!
Simply spray on and walk away!
Wheels that are coated with SONAX Rim Shield will require up to 75% less time and effort to clean! You’ll be delighted at how dirt, grime and brake dust simply melts off the surface when blasted with a jet of water. What’s left will easily be removed with a Speed Master Wheel Brush and a mild car wash detergent.

FAST and EASY to apply – that’s the best description for SONAX Rim Shield. Thanks to its unique aerosol spray application, coating your wheels only takes SECONDS! Literally – seconds! Best of all, there’s no rubbing or buffing – simply spray on and walk away. When the coating wears off 6 to 8 weeks after initially being applied, simply re-coat and enjoy up to two more months of protection!

SONAX Rim Shield works best when applied to a wheel that has been properly cleaned and decontaminated. Use a color-changing wheel cleaner such as SONAX Full Effect or Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner prior to applying SONAX Rim Shield.

Use with confidence – SONAX Rim Shield is safe for ALL wheel finishes!

400 ml. (13.5 oz.)
Made in Germany

Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of aerosol products by air.
This item is shipped by UPS Ground only.

SONAX Rim Shield

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SONAX Rim Shield   $19.99
10 Reviews
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90% Recommend this product (9 of 10 responses)
Magic in a Can
I don't understand why there aren't a million 5 star reviews for this product. After one week of driving I can literally just dust the wheels on my German car and the wheels are spotless and 100% free of brake dust. And...there was very little to dust off. I have tried several other products that claim to shield the rims since I hate dirty wheels, but none does what Sonax Rim Shield does.
ProsIt really works!!!
ConsHow can there be any cons?
Easy to apply and last very long highly recommend for the beginner detailer
Brandon, Florida
Great product
Have used this for years great long lasting protection !
Elk Grove Village, Illinois
Spray on and FORGET ABOUT IT!
This is my 2nd can and I'm very impressed with it, which is why I bought another can. Once the wheel is completely clean AND dry, very important, you simply spray this on the wheel and let dry. Once it has dried it should give the average person 4-6 weeks of protection.

Quick note, when you do your first wheel cleaning after applying this it can feel a little tacky and this normal. This product also plays well with spray on, hose off sealants too incase you wanna give it a little boost.

This product is made in Germany and like other Sonax products I've used I've been very happy with their performance!
Pros-High quality -A little goes a long way -Easy to use
Cons-Never came across one
highly recomend for german wheels
if you drive german wheels you know dreaded brake dust and difficulty in cleaning that comes with it this helps alleviate brake dust adhering to the wheels makes cleaning wheels easier of course you have to start clean wheels then apply when wheel become dirty it makes the brake dust come off easier
Proseasy to use just spray
Conssomewhat expensive for amount in aerosol can