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SONAX NanoTechnology Liquid Wax

German nano technology takes carnauba wax to the next level!

SONAX NanoTechnology Liquid Wax is formulated with the highest quality ingredients and produced under the strictest quality standards set forth by Mercedes Benz and BMW. With nano-sized carnauba wax particles, SONAX NanoTechnology Liquid Wax forms a shield that protects auto paint from scratches and abrasions, discoloration, fading and cracking. And the shine is fantastic!

Sonax NanoTechnology Liquid Wax can be applied by hand or with a polisher.
SONAX Nanotechnology Liquid Wax takes 40% less time to apply and remove than a conventional wax.

Spread Sonax Nanotechnology Liquid Wax over the paint evenly.
Apply SONAX Nanotechnology Liquid Wax with a damp applicator.

Use a Cobra Microfiber Towel to buff away Sonax NanoTechnology Liquid Car Wax.
Use a soft, clean microfiber towel to buff.

The carnauba wax in SONAX NanoTechnology Liquid Wax is the finest available. It is broken down to extremely fine (nano) particles to penetrate the smallest holes and cavities on your vehicle’s surface, producing the ultimate in long-lasting protection from harsh environmental elements. Added ingredients stabilize the wax particles to prevent them from reforming larger particles. Ultimately, SONAX NanoTechnology Liquid Wax is easier to apply and buff and produces a better shine.

Nano technology focuses on the building blocks of a great shine, not just the surface. The ingredients in SONAX NanoTechnology Liquid Wax are broken down to penetrate beneath the surface of the paint and to enrich and protect it from the inside out. This approach is more than a shiny coat of lacquer for the paint; it is complete paint care that is evident in the paint’s gloss and smooth texture.

SONAX NanoTechnology Liquid Wax will maintain your vehicle’s clean look and smooth surface far longer than comparable liquid waxes. This special combination of real carnauba wax and Sonax’s proprietary ingredients allow moisture and dirt to roll off the paint. Washing your vehicle will yield beautiful results.

SONAX NanoTechnology Liquid Wax takes 40% less time to apply and remove than conventional waxes. Use a damp applicator to spread a thin layer of product over each section. Allow the wax to dry for 20 minutes. No rubbing or polishing is needed. SONAX NanoTechnology Liquid Wax is a breeze to remove, even in hot, humid climates.

Depend on Sonax’s state-of-the-art German technology to protect and beautify your vehicle’s paint with SONAX NanoTechnology Liquid Wax. Nano technology combined with real carnauba wax create a liquid wax of excellent quality and unsurpassed performance.

16.9 fl. oz. (500 ml.)

Made in Germany.

SONAX NanoTechnology Liquid Wax

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August 30, 2017
Easy if you apply thin
This is a great wax - one of Sonax's claims is that the nano particles fill in very light swirl marks - after using it I believe the claim - my SuperBlack Nissan 370 is left with a creamy brilliant finish. Just spread it thin - barely noticable - and wipe off within 30 seconds - no problems, no marring. Shine enhanced with Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer which is really a spray sealant, like Chemical Guys V7, but better - lasts longer, with much better water beading. This is an excellent combination. I apply over a 2 coat base of Chemical Guys Jet Seal for a bug bomb / water spot proof finish. Maintain with Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash, and Brialliant Shine every two weeks. For extra pop I like the Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax.
ProsEasy on and off IF you keep it thin - this also makes the product last a long time. Great creamy shine. Perfect base for Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash makes dirt/grimes slide right off surface If you like to wax your car then give this combo a try
By Geo
East Haven, Connecticut
October 19, 2016
Awesome results
I gave it a try and it succeeded my expectations! Easy to apply / Easy to buff off! Water beading is great! I applied it with a foam applicator. Then, I applied a second coat with a buffer. Results were amazing gloss and water beading!
By Felix
Birmingham, AL
June 30, 2016
Great wax
Rates up there with the best.
By Gordon
Seattle WA
February 17, 2015
Easy on, Easy off, Great shine
This is a great liquid wax - over paint or a paint protection film.
ProsEasy, easy, easy.
Cons*If Only* - it would last longer than 4+ months (Pacific NW). But then what "easy" product does?
By Joseph
Los Angeles
October 16, 2014
Best carnuba blend for a reasonable price
I have a Mustang, and one bottle lasts about 5 applications on a normal sized car, aside from the first application that takes about one third to half a bottle on brand new or really cleaned and prepped paint. A thin film goes a long way with this product, so the $20 a bottle cost is right in line with the other cheaper waxes. The product is fairly toxic (though not dangerously so), like most waxes. The tiny particles penetrate into your skin and it is about as hard to get out as chili oil. If you use any nano type wax, this is common, though not stated on the bottles. Buy a box of cheap shop gloves and you'll be perfectly fine.
Pros- Use it every two weeks, three at most. Yes, you are putting some wax on top of old wax, but it works great and takes a lot less effort than stripping off a month's dirt and then re-applying a lot of it on top of completely bare paint. Save the super-cleaning for once or twice a year. - It gives a beautiful glow like Carnuba with the protection of a synthetic to any painted or plastic finish. It looks best with complex mid-tone colors like blues, greens, orange, and so on or anything that's dark. It's incredible, though, on any tri-stage or pearlcoat as it greatly enhances the overtones as the sun changes. You buy this not for pure reflection and pop, but for the car to have a glow/depth to it like pearlcoats do. - Using it every two weeks for a year, my car looks 100% as good as a new car on the lot (compared side by side, not just saying it for effect). It really protects the paint and painted plastics. I've had major grime come right off when I wash it that would have stuck like glue with typical waxes. Zero yellowing of my headlights. - Great on painted wheels. - Zero grit - all chemicals and no abrasives. - Very hard - actually protects against small chips quite well.
ConsThere are a few, but they don't lower the overall score. - It requires a lot of effort to get off of the paint and you'll need about 10-15 small microfiber cloths to get it all off. It clogs the pores of the microfiber quite quickly. Ie - it sticks to the cloth instead of coming off in a powder like some cheaper waxes. That said, 100% of the work CAN be done by hand and a lot of elbow grease. You can get results with some sweating that would take most waxes a rotary tool to accomplish. - Very hard to take off after the sun goes down. It dries almost perfectly clear. - Car has to be clean. Use their paint cleaner if you have stuff to remove - it's basically their wax with abrasives like normal car waxes as far as I can tell. - It's very unpleasant to deal with in the sun as it dries so fast you often end up wiping it off with the return strokes on a panel. Shade is a must while applying, or inside the garage. Taking it off can be done outside with no problems. - Lasts two weeks, optimally, and a month at the most in typical weather. This is not a 6 month and forget it wax, but most Carnuba blends are like that and require application every few weeks.