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SONAX Easy Shine

SONAX Easy ShineA fast way to an easy shine

SONAX Easy Shine is an all-in-one polish and wax that removes light oxidation and staining to reveal a beautifully polished surface. SONAX Easy Shine accomplishes this by combining ultra-fine abrasives with advanced cleaners and waxes, giving your vehicle a deep, lusterous shine - in one step! SONAX Easy Shine can even be used on warm paintwork in direct sunlight.

SONAX Easy Shine is perfect for people that don't want to invest in multiple compounding, polishing and waxing steps, but would rather keep it simple and only use one product to polish and protect their vehicle. SONAX makes this possible with Easy Shine.

SONAX Easy Shine is suitable for lightly scratched and dull paintwork. Apply with a microfiber applicator a foam polishing pad on your dual action polisher. You'll appreciate how easy SONAX Easy Shine is to apply and remove.

SONAX Easy Shine cleans and protects in one step, making it possible to detail your entire vehicle in only an hour or two. Fear not, you'll still achieve great results that will last several months. There is very little compromise with SONAX Easy Shine!

250 ml.
Made in Germany