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Speed Master BLACKFIRE Wheel Kit

Speed Master BLACKFIRE Wheel Kit

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eliminate the brake-dust from every nook and cranny!

The never-ending battle with the corrosive brake-dust that collects on every inch of your wheels is enough to make any sane person crazy. While we can’t fight that battle for you, we can supply you with every weapon you’ll need to keep fighting the good fight! The Speed Master Wheel Kit come with all the tools, chemicals, and towels you’ll need to first eradicate the brake dust from your wheels, then keep it at bay for a while longer. With weapons this powerful, you won’t have to worry about compensating with elbow grease!

Items in this kit:

Speed Master JR Wheel Brush
The Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush gives you unparalleled access to clean the tight spaces of your vehicle, like narrow wheel spokes and the grill. The flexible, compact brush goes where no other wheel brush can fit! Use the Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush on your vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, or ATV.

BLACKFIRE Tire & Wheel Cleaner
BLACKFIRE Tire & Wheel Cleaner is an advanced, surface-safe formula that cleans painted, chrome, polished aluminum, and anodized wheels. It cleans the most delicate wheel surfaces without staining or dulling wheel finishes. BLACKFIRE Tire & Wheel Cleaner works just as effectively on tires, releasing brake dust and dirt buildup from the rubber. It’s the only tire and wheel cleaner you need.

Blackfire Sio2 Wheel Glaze
BLACKFIRE SiO2 Wheel Seal is heavy duty wheel protection sealant that will prevent the buildup of harmful brake dust, tree sap, tar, road salt, and road grime! BLACKFIRE SiO2 Wheel Seal is designed with a completely non-abrasive formula, making it safe for the vast majority of wheel types and finishes. BLACKFIRE SiO2 Wheel Seal will even work to fill in some of the pitting, corrosion, and damage that already exists on your wheels, restoring their finish! BLACKFIRE SiO2 Wheel Seal contains Silica protection that will far surpass other wheel sealants in both longevity and caliber of protection!

Microfiber All Purpose & Wheel Detailing Towel
Buff your wheels, paint, glass, chrome, and interior surfaces to a brilliant shine with the Microfiber All Purpose & Wheel Detailing Towel! It's paintwork-safe and the black color makes it the ideal towel for cleaning, polishing, and drying wheels.

Black Finger Pockets
Flex Foam Finger Pockets are each double-sided so you can turn it over when it becomes soiled. You get 360° of foam for cleaning! The high-density foam will absorb cleaning agents and polishes to prevent dripping onto unintended areas. Finger Pockets are invaluable when cleaning, polishing, and protecting your vehicle’s grill, wheels, exhaust, door handles, and other hard to reach areas.

Famous Detail Brush
Where the Famous Detailing Brush really excels is wheel cleaning. Use it for cleaning hard to reach areas on your wheels, like the lug nuts and brake calipers. The bristles are firmly attached, so the brush will never shed. The feathered bristles remove stubborn brake dust deposits with less agitation than other brushes.

Kit includes
1 x Speed Master JR Wheel Brush
1 x 32 oz. BLACKFIRE Tire & Wheel Cleaner
1 x 8 oz. Blackfire Sio2 Wheel Glaze
3 x 16” x 27” Microfiber All Purpose & Wheel Detailing Towel
3 x Black Finger Pockets
1 x Famous Detail Brush

A total retail value of $102.96. Save $24.97!

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Speed Master BLACKFIRE Wheel Kit