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> Sediment Filter Cartridge

Sediment Filter Cartridge

Sediment Filter CartridgeRemove sand, rust, and scale before it hits your vehicle!

Insert the Sediment Filter Cartridge into your Clear Inline Hose Filter Canister to remove scratch-causing debris from your wash and rinse water. With this filter unit added to your standard water hose, the water from your exterior spigot will always be clean and clear. The sediment filter is a must for those of you with well water!

This cartridge is made of 25 micron spun poly. It traps fine sediment as the water passes through so that nothing hits your vehicle but pure water. If you don’t have a hard water problem, this cartridge is all you need. If you have hard water and you’re concerned about sediment, consider a two-part filtration system. Install one Clear Inline Hose Filter Canister with the sediment cartridge closest to the water source. Install a second filter further down the line with the softener cartridge. Sediment is filtered out of the water first and then it is softened before exiting the hose. This setup will require three hoses. All the items required for a two-part, inline filtration system are found in the Deluxe Filter System.


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