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SCANGRIP Sunmatch 3

High CRI+ LED work light with ALL DAYLIGHT

SCANGRIP Sunmatch 3 features an outstanding ALL DAYLIGHT function that provides you with the option to choose between five different color temperatures. The sunlight as we see it will have different color temperatures throughout the day and will change from warm to cold temperatures resulting in the need for the ALL DAYLIGHT function on the SCANGRIP Sunmatch 3. This 5-step color temperature spectrum offers the best options to choose from depending on the time of day and offers color temperatures ranging from 2500k to 6500k.

With the ALL DAYLIGHT function you will be able to take advantage of the entire color temperature range and customize the light to the specific colors, providing ideal conditions for accurate color match and highlighting, or to easily discover paint defects! The SCANGRIP lighting solutions increase the quality and finish of each operation and reduces the rate of time-consuming and costly re-work. Due to the special LED features, the lighting range on the SCANGRIP Sunmatch 3 is perfect for any paint, polish, cleaning, or prep-zone operation.

SCANGRIP introduces the CRI+ term for accurate color matching. SCANGRIP Sunmatch 3 has a light source with a high CRI value, which is important for correct color recognition. The new generation of SCANGRIP lights for the painting industry will strike you as being the widest and most sophisticated range on the market with significantly improved lighting and battery technology.

The SCANGRIP Sunmatch 3 is powered by an efficient 3.7V/2600 mAh lithium-ion battery with a charging capacity of 4 hours of continuous use! SCANGRIP Sunmatch 3 has the same IP65 Ingress Protection rating as the Sunmatch 2. This means that the SCANGRIP Sunmatch 3 is just as capable of resisting harmful dust particles and possible water damage. The SCANGRIP Sunmatch 3 has an IK07 Impact Protection rating, so you don’t have to worry about literally knocking your lights out!

Say goodbye to holograms and polishing errors when you use the SCANGRIP Sunmatch 3!

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SCANGRIP Sunmatch 3

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SCANGRIP Sunmatch 3