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S100 Motorcycle Detailing Kit

S100 Motorcycle Detailing KitA great gift set for any motorcycle enthusiast!

The molded attaché case contains everything you need to clean and protect your bike’s finish and make it shine.

The kit includes:
  • S100 Total Cycle Cleaner 16.9 oz.. Getting your bike really clean is fundamental not only for appearance reasons but for long term value and riding safety. Use Total Cycle Cleaner to remove road grime, oil and insects in record time with very little “elbow grease”.

  • S100 Drying Towel 15.7" x 14.5". This super-absorbent towel quickly dries your bike without streaks, spots or hassle. Keep it in the saddlebag for that surprise rain shower.

  • S100 Finish Restorer 3.56 oz.. OK, now your bike is clean and dry. Time to give it a detailed inspection. Use Finish Restorer to remove light scratches, oxidation and rust in the paint or chrome.

  • S100 Corrosion Protectant 7.2 oz.. Now that you’ve got your bike cleaned up and those little trouble areas polished, it’s time for some extra protection. Use S100 Corrosion Protectant to help seal those areas prone to rusting and corrosion. Give metal parts a thorough treatment to protect against salt-air damage.

  • S100 DETAIL+ WAX 10 oz.. This is the “icing on the cake”! Take your clean, dry bike and give it a terrific wax job in just a few seconds. DETAIL + WAX will make your bike’s surface repel water and shine like you won’t believe. Take this along in the saddlebag, too, because it’s great for that surprise shower, light dust or insect removal.

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