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Telescopic Windshield Squeegee

Clean and dry your RV’s windshield the easy way!

Our Telescopic Windshield Squeegee extends up to 3 feet 10 inches, making it easier than ever to clean your RV’s windshield on-to-go. The durable nylon mesh over a soft sponge makes for easy removal of bugs, dirt and road film. The resilient rubber blade leaves the surface clean, dry and streak free. Use in conjunction with our Repel Glass Cleaner for effortless windshield cleaning.

Cleaning glass is something that most people struggle with, whether you admit it or not. Why drag out the ladder and wads of newspaper when you can simply squeegee the windshield clean! Use plain old water to clean your RV’s windshield or, better yet, McKee’s RV Repel Glass Cleaner.

This isn’t the same dingy, dirty, greasy squeegee found at gas stations across the US. Ours features a durable rubber blade that doesn’t dry out, causing unwanted streaks and little specks of rubber all over your windshield. The impressive reach of 3 feet 10 inches means you’ll be able to clean the entire windshield.

Extends up to 3 feet 10 inches.

Telescopic Windshield Squeegee

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Telescopic Windshield Squeegee