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RUPES Uno Protect - 1 Liter

An all-in-one compound, polish and protectant!

Say ‘ciao bella’ to saving time, a high gloss finish and durable protection with the RUPES UNO PROTECT. Made in-house in Italy, the RUPES UNO PROTECT is an all-in-one compound, polish and protectant that can remove moderate defects but still leave a high-gloss, protected finish. The RUPES UNO PROTECT is easy to apply and remove, providing rapid results with minimal effort. Save time, money and space with RUPES UNO PROTECT.

Instead of taking three lengthy, sometimes strenuous steps of polishing, sealing and waxing your car, use the RUPES UNO PROTECT. This all-in-one product has all you need to make your detailing process faster and easier. You get the polishing correction of removing scratches and other light defects, while also getting the waxy gloss and protective durability, all in a shorter amount of time.

Unlike traditional one-step products that rely solely on natural waxes, RUPES UNO PROTECT uses the latest and greatest in chemistry to cross-link polymers to provide up to 90 days of protection. The proprietary blend of abrasives can correct the most stubborn of defects, while keeping the paint safe. This all-in-one product is chemically engineered to provide fast correction of moderate to fine defects on faded surfaces. The abrasives used will remove defects, but the polishing aspect will leave you with a high gloss protective finish. Speaking of surfaces, RUPES UNO PROTECT is safe to use on lacquer paint, clearcoats and gelcoats. Sleek, durable shine without having to worry about your paint being damaged.

Using the RUPES UNO PROTECT is a three-in-one product, but also a three-in-one saver. Save time, money and space thanks to this bottle of car detailing perfection. Using the RUPES UNO PROTECT saves time from having to perform three laborious detailing steps, steps that can take you all day. Using this all-in-one also saves you space in your garage or in your mobile detailing station. Forget having three different bottles of product and numerous tools, all you need is one. Everyone’s favorite thing to do besides detailing, is save money. RUPES UNO PROTECT saves you money from having to invest in multiple products and expensive application tools. This makes RUPES UNO PROTECT perfect for hobbyists, dealerships, detailing facilities and express services.

You can use this product as a stand-alone one-step or use it as second step (after compounding) for the more seriously defected vehicles. This all-in-one product is very versatile and can be used on rotary, gear driven and orbital polishers. Use medium wool pads to provide the best for all-around defect removal and finishing, while the fine foam pads are great for light correction and gloss enhancements. You can use this product with a microfiber towel, but a machine application will yield the best results. Keep in mind, the cross-linking method of the RUPES UNO PROTECT continues to cure up to four hours after application, so it is important not to expose water to the car during this period.

-Shake well before use.
-Select pad type based on desired level of defect removal and finish quality.
-Prime pad by applying UNO PROTECT evenly to the pad face in a thin, even coating.
-Work the product in a section approximately 6x the size of the polishing pad being used, applying light to moderate pressure.
-Allow the product a few moments to set up, then wipe away residues with a clean, soft microfiber towel.

1 Liter (33.8 oz)

RUPES Uno Protect - 1 Liter

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I just love Uno protect. So easy to use with amazing results. It’s a real game changer for me.
ProsAmazing results easy to apply and remove. Just love it
Eugene, Oregon
Space age
Uno Protect blows me away. The working time, and lack of dust are a dream. I never imagined that polish could be so easy to work with, especially a one step. I follow this up with beadmaker for insane one step shine.
Vancouver, WA
Best AIO
Started using UNO Protect after seeing it used on the Rupes YouTube Channel. Pair it with the Rupes Yellow medium wool pad and it handles just about any imperfections. Use various pressure on the head of your polisher and varied hand speed to achieve the desired results. I wait to remove the polish after I complete the vehicle. Started using Bead Maker when removing the polish that has yielded excellent results. I have used UNO Protect on 9 cars and all the customers have been greatly impressed with the results.
ProsEasy wipe off with no dusting
ConsNone so far
Los Angeles, CA
Works amazing
Used this product to clear up some minor hazing and scratches. Works very fast, and finished extremely well. This is now my go to product.
ProsNo dusting Corrects well