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RUPES Mille Coarse

Designed specifically for use with the RUPES Mille LK 900E Gear Driven Polisher!

RUPES Mille Coarse is the first step to perfect paint when using the RUPES LK 900E Gear Driven Polisher. Designed to work specifically with gear driven polishers, the RUPES Mille Coarse Compound was formulated to work perfectly with the movement of a forced rotation, gear driven polisher. With abrasive technology that responds well to the increased friction and force, as well as a lubrication system that allows for a smoother experience, the RUPES Mille Coarse Compound will quickly remove heavy swirls and scratches while leaving a glossy finish behind.

RUPES thought of everything when it came to their new Mille system. They knew that a gear driven tool would work best with both pads and chemicals that were designed JUST for that machine. When used together, the RUPES Mille System will quickly turn a dull and swirled out paint job into a glossy finish.

RUPES Mille Coarse Compound is the first step to use when correcting paint. The abrasive’s grain is the most aggressive in the line and is used for the rapid removal of swirls, scratches, oxidation, and other paint defects. The RUPES Mille Coarse Compound is highly effective in restoring paints, but will also create a high degree of gloss in just one step.

Use the RUPES Mille Coarse Compound with the RUPES Mille Coarse Foam Pad to remove sanding marks up to 1500 grit. For the best finish after correcting, follow it up with RUPES Mille Fine or RUPES Mille Ultra Fine.

250 ml.

RUPES Mille Coarse

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RUPES Mille Coarse