RUPES iBrid Horsehair Cup Brush

RUPES iBrid Horsehair Cup Brush is a manufacturer replacement for the horsehair brush originally found in your RUPES iBrid Nano tool. Perfect for interior work on upholstery, headliners, delicate plastic surfaces, leather, vinyl, and virtually any other interior surface, RUPES iBrid Horsehair Cup Brush lets you ensure every inch of your interior is scrubbed to perfection.

Whether it's a coffee stain from your morning rush, a grease spot from those dropped french fries, or that mysterious staining that happens with everyday use, a combination of quality products can erase those stains forever! RUPES iBrid Horsehair Brush pairs perfectly with a mild interior cleaner, like BLACKFIRE Interior Cleaner. Round out your iBrid Accessory pack and boost your interior cleaning ability with the RUPES iBrid Horsehair Cup Brush.

RUPES iBrid Horsehair Cup Brush

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Item ID: RU-BF3000
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RUPES iBrid Horsehair Cup Brush