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Rupes Glass Cleaner 500 ml.

Professional strength formula cuts through grease and grime

Put an end to struggling with streaks and smears on your auto’s glass and pick up a bottle (or two!) of Rupes Glass Cleaner. Rupes Glass Cleaner is a professional strength formula that is so easy and so effective you shouldn’t have an excuse for EVER having dirty windows in your car ever again. Spray, wipe, and enjoy crystal clear, streak-free glass. This unique gel formula instantly breaks down grease and soiling, allowing for quick and easy glass cleaning.

Italians are known for making the best world’s best pizza, but that might not be the only thing once the world gets their hands on Rupes Glass Cleaner. Originally formulated for professional detailers in the land of Ferraris and Lamborghinis, Rupes decided to make Glass Cleaner a consumer grade product to be sold around the world.

Rupes is a company that takes car care seriously, and their new Glass Cleaner is no exception. This professional-strength formula removes streaks, smears, halos and wipe lines, leaving your auto’s glass perfectly clean and clear. Don’t stop at your car! Rupes Glass Cleaner can be used around the house as well.

Rupes Glass Cleaner includes a specially designed glass towel to ensure 100% crystal clear glass after each use. No special tips or tricks are part of the application process – just spray and wipe!

500 ml. (16.9 ounces)
Made in Italy

Rupes Glass Cleaner 500 ml.

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Rupes Glass Cleaner 500 ml.