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Introducing Autogeek Miles — Your new favorite rewards program! For every dollar spent here at Autogeek, you receive one Autogeek Mile! stock up on miles and when you get to 100 of them, we 'll give you a $5 reward! Spend $200, receive 200 Autogeek miles, and qualify for a $10 reward! The more you spend, the more rewards you get!

Keep an eye out — Autogeek Mile Members are eligible for DOUBLE and TRIPLE Miles during special promotion periods and you'll be the first to know when those start!

Becoming an Autogeek Mile Member is easy — simply create an account HERE and start shopping! Don't worry, we'll keep track of the rewards and let you know when it's time to cash in. Already have an account? Sign in HERE and check your balance or redeem your miles.

Autogeek Miles Loyalty Program FAQ

$1 Spent = 1 Mile | 100 Miles = $5 Reward

Q. How do I sign up?

A. Just create an account on our website, www.Autogeek.com, and start shopping!

Q. What if I already have an account with Autogeek.com?

A. Awesome! With already having an account with us, you will automatically start earning Autogeek Miles with your qualifying purchases!

Q. Is there a fee for signing up?

A. Nope! The Autogeek Miles Reward Program is free to join.

Q. Can anyone join Autogeek Miles Reward Program?

A. Yes! Anyone with a valid e -mail address can participate in the rewards program.

Q. If I make an account right before checking out, will I still receive Miles on that purchase?

A. Absolutely! As long as you are signed in to your Autogeek account when making your purchase, you 'll be earning Miles!

Q. Who can use my Autogeek Miles?

A. Only you can use your earned Autogeek Miles and redeemed Rewards - they are nontransferable and are only valid for use by the person that is registered. You cannot sell, transfer or assign Miles or rewards to others.

Q. Can I cancel my Autogeek account?

A. You certainly can, but we 'll miss you! Please call customer service at 1-800-869-3011 or email at info@autogeek.net to cancel your membership.

Q. When do I start earning Autogeek Miles?

A. As soon as you create an Autogeek account and start shopping — so don't delay! If you already have an Autogeek login, the Autogeek Miles will automatically be enabled on your account.

Q. How exactly do I earn Miles?

A. Miles are earned by placing an order via internet - $1 = 1 Autogeek Mile. Miles are based on your order amount after any discounts, promotions, gift certificates, and other rewards Miles have been applied.

Q. Do Gift Certificate purchases qualify for Autogeek Miles?

A. No. Only purchases of merchandise qualify for Autogeek Miles.

Q. Do purchases made with a Gift Certificate qualify for Autogeek Miles?

A. No. Autogeek Miles are based on the order amount after any discounts, promotions, gift certificates, and other rewards Miles have been applied.

Q. Will I earn Miles on purchases made with a reward?

A. No. Autogeek Miles are based on the order amount after any discounts, promotions, gift certificates, and other rewards have been applied.

Q. How do I know what my Autogeek Miles balance is?

A. You can find your Miles balance by logging in to your account at Autogeek.com and choosing My Rewards under your account information. You'll also receive a monthly statement via email that will show you how many Miles you have earned.

Q. Can I receive Autogeek Miles for previous purchases?

A. No. You will only receive Autogeek Miles for purchases made on or after the date of creation of your Autogeek account, but not on purchases made prior to July 9, 2019.

Q. How long after a purchase will I see my Autogeek Miles?

A. Miles will become available on your account approximately 15 days after the order is placed.

Q. How will I know when I have enough Miles to qualify for a reward?

A. Once your balance has been updated by a recent purchase and you qualify for a reward, we'll send you an email letting you know! You can also check your Miles balance by logging into your account at Autogeek.com.

Q. Do my Autogeek Miles expire?

A. Yes. Autogeek Miles will expire one (1) year from the date that they are earned.

Q. Do my redeemed Rewards expire if not used?

A. Yes. Rewards that are redeemed as credit to you account will expire if not applied to a purchase within one (1) year from the date that they are redeemed.

Q. Can expired Miles and rewards be reinstated?

A. No. If you don't use them, use loose them.

Q. When will I receive a reward for my Autogeek Miles?

A. Once you have collected enough Autogeek Miles, you will be able to claim a reward by logging in to your account at Autogeek.com. Once claimed, you will receive a reward code that can be applied to your next purchase.

Q. How do I redeem my reward(s)?

A. Once you have claimed your reward and receive your reward code, simply submit that reward code into the Coupon Code / Promotional Code / Gift Certificate field during check-out! The value of the reward will then be applied to your order.

Q. Can I use my reward with a coupon?

B. Absolutely! Keeping in mind though, the rewards will be deducted from your total purchase before any coupon discounts are taken.

Q. Can I use more than one reward per transaction?

A. Sure! Use them if you 've got them!

Q. What if the price of my order is less than my reward amount?

A. Only the amount needed to complete the order will be deducted from your reward amount. The remainder will be kept with that individual reward code, so, if you don't spend it all, be sure not to lose that code! You'll need to enter it again to use the balance on another purchase.

Q. If a purchase that was made using a reward is returned, will I receive my reward back?

A. Not the reward itself, but your points will be re -instated to your account. But remember, you can always exchange an item for another of equal or greater value!

Q. When I return a purchase, what happens to the Autogeek Miles that were earned?

A. You may exchange an item of equal value and your Miles won 't be affected, but if an item is simply returned, any Miles earned from the purchase will be deducted from the account.

Q. What if an items ' price is adjusted on my order after it's been placed?

A. The Miles earned on the amount being adjusted will be deducted from your Miles balance.

Q. Will there be Autogeek Mile Member only sales?

A. Yes! Keep an eye out for special promotion periods that will only be available for Autogeek Mile Members. As a Member, you 'll be the first to know about these exclusive promotions, special events, announcements, and free (yes, FREE) stuff!

Q: Can Miles be earned on international orders?

A. Yes! Just keep in mind that the Miles will be earned on the USD value of the purchase.

Terms and Conditions

Autogeek Miles (the "Program") is a loyalty program offered by Autogeek. By enrolling in the Autogeek Miles Program, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Program terms and conditions. The Program, and all points and rewards, are void where restricted or prohibited by law.


To participate in Autogeek Miles, customers must be at least 18 years of age. A customer may become a Member ("Member") by enrolling / creating an account online at Autogeek.com. To enroll, you must provide a valid email address and your first and last name. Enrollment is free, and no purchase is necessary. Only ONE Rewards account is permitted per customer. Customers who purchase items for resale and customers shipping orders outside of the United States are eligible to participate.


Customers who enroll in the Program agree to receive loyalty specific email messages with information about their accounts, as well as other promotional emails and marketing from Autogeek. To stop receiving promotional emails from Autogeek, you may use the unsubscribe option in any such email, go to the My Rewards page or the Program's My Account page to update your communication preferences. If you opt out from promotional and marketing communications, you will receive a Welcome e-mail when you join the program and email communication for Rewards issued to you under the Program. Any personal information provided to the Program will be governed by the privacy policy posted at Autogeek.com

How to Earn Miles

Miles can be earned on any purchase at Autogeek.com, providing that the Customer has a valid Autogeek.com account or creates an Autogeek.com account. Only purchases completed on or after July 9, 2019 are eligible to earn rewards; rewards will not be applied or prorated for purchases made prior to July 9, 2019.

For each $1 USD spent on merchandise items purchased while enrolled in the program, the Member will earn 1 Mile. Miles cannot be earned on non-merchandise items, such as shipping and gift certificates. Miles are earned on the net purchase amount after applying all discounts, offers, coupons, and rewards redemptions. Miles are not eligible to be earned on values incurred for applicable taxes and shipping. Miles will be available on the Member's account approximately 15 days after a qualifying order is placed. Only processed and shipped orders are counted towards the point total. Members must provide the email address associated with their Autogeek account at the time of purchase to receive Miles. Miles earned for returned merchandise will be deducted from the Member�€™s account. Miles cannot be sold or traded and are not transferable unless otherwise expressly stated. Miles expire one (1) year after being earned. Expired Miles are not able to be reinstated.

Miles are also able to be earned by referring a friend and submitting product reviews. REFER A FRIEND: Referral sharing is limited to 3 referrals by email per day. *Only referrals who have not previously created an account or placed an order qualify. The existing and referred customer will each earn 5 Miles with the first referral order. PRODUCT REVIEW: Each approved product review will earn 5 Miles. Maximum Miles earned is limited to 25 Miles within a 7 day period or 5 product reviews per week.

Rewards & Redemption

As a Member earns Miles, rewards will become available to be claimed. Once claimed, a reward code will be provided to the Member as well as be sent to the email address registered with the Member's account. You can also find the reward in your account at Autogeek.com. The Member is responsible for keeping the account contact information current and updated. No responsibility is assumed for incorrect email addresses or failure of email to be received. If you do not want to receive emails notifying you of new rewards you have earned, you will need to end your participation in the Program. If not applied to a purchase within one (1) year of being redeemed, the rewards code will expire. Expired rewards are not able to be reinstated. Rewards can only be used for merchandise items and will be deducted from the transaction total before any other coupons or promotional offers are applied. Rewards cannot be sold or traded and are not transferable unless otherwise expressly stated. Rewards have no cash value. Any Customer who returns merchandise acquired with a Reward will not receive a new Reward or a cash refund for the Reward value. Earned Miles can only be redeemed for a Reward through Autogeek.com while logged into a valid user account. Rewards can only be redeemed/applied to online purchases and cannot be applied to purchases made over the phone.


Any Autogeek accounts can be cancelled at any time without notice, at Autogeek's discretion. After any cancellation under this paragraph, all accrued Miles and Rewards in any affected account(s) will be available until they are used or expire in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Autogeek can also cancel any Member's account if the Member has failed to follow Program policies and procedures, has sold or traded Miles or Rewards, has used multiple Autogeek Mile's accounts, or has otherwise engaged in inappropriate conduct, as determined by Autogeek in its sole discretion. If a Member's account is cancelled for any of these reasons, then that Member will be ineligible to enroll or participate in the Program in the future and will forfeit all earned Miles and Rewards. Autogeek reserves the right to take legal action to recover any damages, attorneys's fees, or court costs from such a Member.

Autogeek reserves the right to interpret and apply the Autogeek Mile's Program terms and conditions at its sole discretion, subject to applicable law. All interpretations by Autogeek are final. By participating in the Program, each Member hereby releases Autogeek from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, and other expenses (including, without limitation, attorney's fees) relating to his/her participation in the Program, use of Rewards, or agreement to these terms and conditions.

Updates and Changes

These terms and conditions, as well as any Program elements, may be amended, updated, changed or terminated at any time at the discretion of Autogeek. Notification of any such event, including the effective date, will be posted at Autogeek.com and also sent via email to Members via the email address they have registered with the Program. Unless otherwise stated, changes normally will become effective 30 days after posting at Autogeek.com. Continued participation in the Program after a change takes effect constitutes agreement to the change. If you disagree with a change, your sole remedy is to cease participating in the Program.