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Autogeek Channel on Roku

Autogeek Channel on RokuAutogeek is now on the Roku streaming service! The new Autogeek Channel brings hundreds of detailing tips and how-to's right to your TV screen!

Use Roku to access the full library of auto detailing how-to videos, full length tutorials, and even a certification program all with the click of your remote. A subscription to our premium video section grants you full access to our extensive collection of specialized guides. Autogeek’s Director of Training and host of Velocity’s new show Competition Ready, Mike Phillips, walks you through each step in an easy-to-follow format, leaving you feeling confident and ready to take on the detailing world. Keep an eye out for celebrity cameos such as Bruno Massel, Matt Steele, and a few more industry big names!
Autogeek on Roku! Stream hundreds of Autogeek's detailing how-to's!

Use our Auto Detailing Certification Section to become an expert in all things detailing-related. Successful participants will receive a Detailing Certificate to prove to the world you’ve done your homework and know what to do in any detailing scenario. We are offering this program from the convenience of your home at your own pace. Once you’re certified using our unique system, you can start/expand your detailing business or just perfect the paint on your own vehicle.

Becoming certified is easy. After purchasing the program, you’ll be required to watch a series of videos taught by industry expert Mike Phillips. Each video provides information on products, industry-standard techniques & ends with a question that must be answered correctly before moving on.

Once all the videos & questions are complete, you have one final exam. Upon completion of the final exam, we’ll send you a Detailing Certificate that shows the world you can handle even the toughest detailing questions.

Whether you have a passion for detailing and are interested in learning for yourself, if you just like watching others detail, this is the best place to go!

Before putting anything to your car’s paint, it’s recommended you take a look at our premium videos. We’ll take you from the first swipe of your wash mitt to the final wipe down. Autogeek is already your car wax superstore, now let us show you how to make your paint shine.

To watch the Autogeek Channel on your TV, you need a Roku streaming service device. There are several different Roku devices available and can be found at many retail stores such as Target, Best Buy, and RadioShack. If you are already a Roku subscriber, click here to add the Autogeek channel.

A subscription to the premium video section is $1.99 a month, and this gives you full access to all of our videos.

If you are interested in Auto Detailing Certification Course, it is a onetime fee of $349.99.