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Riccardo Blue Detailing Clay 5 oz. - Original Medium

Riccardo’s aggressive grade clay bar

Riccardo Blue Detailing Clay is a flexible clay bar that is designed to remove gloss-hindering contaminants from your vehicle. Designed and manufactured entirely in the United States, Riccardo Blue Detailing Clay provides superior flexibility to other clay bars thanks to its unique poly elastic design. The Riccardo Blue Detailing Clay is considered an aggressive-grade clay bar. It is perfect for removing heavy contaminants on old or neglected vehicles.

How smooth is your vehicle’s paint? Take a moment to place your hand inside a plastic sandwich baggy and feel your paint. Does it feel silky smooth, or rough and gritty like a piece of sand paper? Unless your vehicle just rolled off the assembly line and hasn’t been parked outside for more than a day, it needs to be clayed with Riccardo Blue Detailing Clay!

Gloss comes from smoothness, so the cleaner your paint, the more it will shine! Riccardo Blue Detailing Clay and its unique elastic poly design safely removes the contaminants that are stuck to your vehicle. These contaminants include rail dust, brake dust, industrial fallout, tree sap mist, tar, bugs, and worst of all – paint overspray! Simply put, the smoother your paint, the longer your wax, sealant, or coating will last.

Riccardo Blue Detailing Clay contains an abrasive that gently removes bonded contaminants. Here’s how it works: The friction of rubbing the bar across the surface combined with the abrasives in the clay essentially sands off the contaminants. The tackiness of the bar holds these contaminants so they don’t get re-introduced into the finish. After you clay your vehicle with Riccardo Blue Detailing Clay, it will feel as smooth as glass.

Riccardo Blue Detailing Clay is designed for vehicles that are old or neglected. Only use with an approved clay lubricant, like Riccardo Premium Clay Lubricant or Detailer’s Universal Clay Lubricant.

5 oz.
Made in USA

Riccardo Blue Detailing Clay 5 oz. - Original Medium

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Riccardo Blue Detailing Clay 5 oz. - Original Medium