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Aquapel Glass Treatment & Rain Repellent

Up to 6 months of glass protection with one application!

Keep auto glass clear with Aquapel Glass Treatment! A single application of this patented hydrophobic glass treatment repels water for up to 6 months. Aquapel Glass Treatment bonds to the glass to dramatically improve drivers’ visibility, day and night. Aquapel is used by countless professionals to seal and protect auto glass.

Aquapel Glass Treatment is a life-saver! It’s no coincidence that more traffic accidents occur in rainy conditions. Rain coats the windshield and mixes with oils and debris to create a blurry view of the road. It can be like looking through someone else’s eyeglasses. Aquapel Glass Treatment seals the glass to repel water. Rain beads on the windshield and rolls off to maintain better visibility and safer driving conditions.

The difference is amazing! Aquapel Glass Treatment makes it easier to clear ice, snow, and dirt from the windshield because the glass is completely sealed. Aquapel Glass Treatment reduces the glare from headlights and streetlights in the rain, particularly at night. Aquapel Glass Treatment even helps reduce water marks and protects glass from salt water. Use it on your boat windows and windshield, in RVs, and on shower doors.

Aquapel Glass Treatment & Rain Repellent causes water to bead and roll off the windshield, improving your visibility while driving.

Remember, Aquapel Glass Treatment is patented. There’s no other auto glass treatment that works as well or lasts as long. Aquapel’s hydrophobic coating lasts up to 6 times longer than comparable products! That’s because Aquapel bonds to the glass, rather than just sitting on top of it. Regular glass cleaning will not affect Aquapel’s durability.

For the best results, use Aquapel Glass Windshield Cleaner, a non-streaking spray foam.

Aquapel Glass Treatment keeps your windshield clear all day. You can see in these images how the sides of the windshield treated with Aquapel stay clearer in rainy weather than the sides left untreated.

At night, Aquapel Glass Treatment repels rain and reduces the glare of oncoming headlights.

Aquapel Glass Treatment is packaged in a unique one-time-use applicator. To apply Aquapel, clean and dry the glass first. Then grasp the Aquapel applicator by the wings and place the pad against the glass. Press the wings until liquid is released. Spread Aquapel over the glass using the soft pad built in to the applicator. Go in up and down and side to side motions to get good coverage. Immediately wipe the glass dry with a soft, Cobra Microfiber Towel. If using on a large windshield, work on one half of the windshield at a time to prevent premature drying.

Once your vehicle’s windshield and glass is treated with Aquapel Glass Treatment, you can enjoy up to 6 months of clear visibility and safer driving!

Aquapel Glass Treatment & Rain Repellent

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Great stuff
Better than Rain-X. Goes on easy. Just wish it would cover both the front and back glass in one applicator.
Lafayette, IN
They don't lie
it does what it's supposed to, price is a little steep for the application.
I followed the instructions and it worked well.
Chicago area
Good Stuff
Works better than RainX and lasts longer. Less "smearing" in light rain. Just like RainX, if you get too much on the W/S then your wipers will jump and chatter across the glass, that wears off after a while. For cars that only get driven 4k-6k miles per year, I re-apply every other year. Best applied on a cool day in the shade, hot weather can make the liquid dry before you get it spread around properly.
Works great
Easy to put on and then you really don’t need wind shield whippers.
No directions
No directions so I applied it to wet windshield as shown in the pic. Hope it works!