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RaggTopp Premium Fabric Convertible Top Kit

Made for premium fabric convertible tops by the premium convertible top care company.

RaggTopp Premium Fabric Convertible Top Kit has all of the essential products you’ll need to clean and protect your fabric convertible top. Skip the guessing game of trying to decide the right products because RaggTopp, the leading company in convertible top care, has done it for you! Featuring their powerhouse cleaner and protectant products, as well as the RaggTopp Premium Convertible Top Brush (endorsed by the Haartz Corporation!), the RaggTopp Premium Fabric Convertible Top Kit is everything you need for your fabric convertible top.

The top of your car is without a doubt the most exposed area – the first to soak up those UV rays, the first to get hit with the rain, snow, sleet, and other weather extremes, and probably the last to be cleaned. But, when you have a convertible top, taking the utmost care of it is vitally important. Keeping it clean and protected is the first line of defense and the products that make up the RaggTopp Premium Fabric Convertible Top Kit are the perfect tools.

RaggTopp Premium Fabric Convertible Top Kit includes:
16 oz. RaggTopp Fabric/Vinyl Cleaner
This pump spray cleaner is formulated exclusively for fabric and vinyl. Use confidently to safely clean convertible tops, sport utility tops, simcon tops and tonneau covers. RaggTopp Cleaner removes the toughest roof soils and stains, retards the growth of mildrew and will actually keep dirt and grease at bay. The anti-oxidant, low pH, no bleach formula leaves NO residue. The environmentally friendly & biodegradable formula will not harm autmotive finishes, chrome, rubber, glass, or plastic windows.

14 oz. RaggTopp Fabric Protectant
The number one factor in deteriorating convertible tops is acid rain, along with U.V. rays, smog, tree sap, bird droppings, salt, tar, dirt, grease, and grit. All these elements contribute to the weakening and failure of convertible tops. RAGGTOPP Protectant is the future of convertible top protection. Over three years of product testing has produced a polymer formula that creates a superior protective barrier that micro-bonds to the convertible top and protects it from the elements of nature and man.


RaggTopp Premium Convertible Top Brush
The RaggTopp Premium Convertible Top Brush is one of the few brushes designed specifically to work with RaggTopp Convertible Top Cleaners and the only brush to be endorsed by the Haartz Corporation. Manufactured using NYLEX® bristles that are soft enough to cause no damage, but strong enough to fully clean your convertible top, and set into an ergonomically correct wooden handle, the RaggTopp Premium Convertible Top Brush is, without a doubt, the best brush for your fabric or vinyl convertible top.
Yellow Towels 2 All Purpose Microfiber Towels, 16 x 16 inches
If you want to get that show car sparkle, you need to go Micro! Microfiber All Purpose Towels are spun from an 80/20 polyester/polyamide blend, producing a highly refined microfiber. The microscopic polyester/polyamide fibers are split with a unique process that creates a every soft, absorbent texture.

Start by spraying your convertible top with RaggTopp Fabric/Vinyl Cleaner. Be sure you get an even coverage.
Starting at the lowest point, use the RaggTopp Premium Convertible Top Brush to gently clean the top.
The RaggTopp Premium Convertible Top Brush has feathered ends that help to create a nice thick lather, perfect for scrubbing and a deep clean.
After a thorough cleaning, simply rinse away and allow to dry. Once dry, you can protect your top using RaggTop Convertible Top Protectant.

Kit includes:
16 oz. RaggTopp Fabric/Vinyl Cleaner
14 oz. RaggTopp Fabric Protectant
RaggTopp Premium Convertible Top Brush
2 All Purpose Microfiber Towels, 16 x 16 inches

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RaggTopp Premium Fabric Convertible Top Kit

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Great Product
This is a great product.
Portland, Oregon
I was very disappointed in this product.
I was very disappointed in this product. I followed the written directions on the containers and watched the video instructions. The cleaner did not remove much of the light colored sections even though I let the cleaner soak for 10 minutes in the shade. The cleaner came off very easy with water. I let the top dry in my warm garage for 24 hours. I masked off all but the fabric with blue tape and 0.5 mil plastic. After applying each light coat, I waited 30 minutes before applying the next coat. I applied three (3) coats, which emptied the container. I expected the water to bead up like a new rag top, but unfortunately, it didn't. There was some slight beading for a few seconds and then the water soaked in. I will have to try the 303 (30520) Convertible Fabric Top Cleaning and Care kit next. Hopefully, it will work better.
ProsBrush is a nice brush. Towels are nice towels.
ConsWater did NOT bead up and run off like I expected.
Rockaway, NJ.
cleans good as new
The brush was perfect for working the cleaner into the top. The top looked great after the treatment.
Will have to see hoe the protectant holds up.
Proseasy to use
Didn't work as advertised
My roof of my 2005 Volkswagen started to leak. To avoid an expensive roof replacement I did my research and this product had the best reviews and ratings. I followed the instructions to a T. The water beaded on roof during one misty rain day but after that the water just continued to leak just as it had been before I treated it. I have second can that I was planning on putting on the roof but I'm very skeptical that this will even be worth the time and effort. The cleaner and the brush were nice and I could see the difference when I cleaned the roof but I don't think the waterproof treatment will work.
Tip top
It was the only convertible top cleaner that removed the marks on my Cashmere T-Bird top.