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Race Ramps 20” Restyler Ramp with 1 set of Inclines

Race Ramps 20” Restyler Ramp with 1 set of Inclines Adds height for easier access during detailing and restyling projects!

Restyler Ramps from Race Ramps are designed to provide added lift during detailing or restyling projects on your low profile vehicle. These lightweight 20” wide ramps feature a solid-core construction that makes them strong and reliable enough for repeated use. The ten-piece system (five pieces per side) is easy to assemble and can be broken down for convenient storage.

A low profile vehicle is a head-turner on the road, and all that attention usually leads to more mods! So what’s a restyler to do when a vehicle with very little ground clearance wants to up the style ante? The answer is simple: Drive the vehicle on to the 20” Restyler Ramps! Restyler Ramps provide an easy way to gain 14” of lift under your vehicle, making detailing or upgrading features on your vehicle easier than ever before.

Race Ramps Restyler Ramps made their unofficial debut at Detail Fest 2015.
From detailing to mods, Restyler Ramps provide the necessary lift.
The secret to Restyler Ramps’ strength, durability, and versatility is the patented super-lightweight material from which they are constructed. This innovative material is virtually indestructible and allows the ramp system to support a vehicle weighing up to 6,000 pounds! The textured surface of each Restyler Ramp prevents slipping, will not leave scratches, and will not rust. Even your epoxy-coated floors are safe!

Restyler Ramps feature a 10.36° angle of approach ideal for lowered vehicles and can accommodate vehicles with wheelbases ranging from 82” to 128”. The high-density solid-foam core provides unmatched stability so you can focus on the job at hand during detailing and restyling projects without worrying about wobble. Restyler Ramps come with one set of inclines, but an additional set can be purchased separately and attached to the opposite side of the ramps to allow a drive-on, drive-off scenario.

Get the height you need during detailing and customization projects with 20” Restyler Ramps from Race Ramps!

10 pieces total

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