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> How Polycharger Works

How Polycharger Works

How Polycharger WorksPolycharger is a professional strength additive for consumer grade and boutique brand car waxes.

Polycharger is the cure-all prescription for car waxes that don't last through more than a few washes. Polycharger is for people who have limited time to wax and maintain their car's paint finish and those who demand the very best paint protection and a long-lasting shine.

  • Offers superior protection you can see, wash-after-wash!
  • Saves you time & money!
  • Works with your favorite wax product.

    Polycharger is the world’s first and only Wax Booster! It mixes with:
  • Liquid car waxes
  • Paint sealants
  • Spray & wipe products (“quick detailers”)

    With Polycharger inside, ordinary car waxes become extraordinary waxes:
  • Improvement in wax protection and durability.
  • Enhanced paint slickness & shine.
  • Reduced dust and dirt build-up between washes.

    The only thing that comes through the ultra-tough Polycharger protective barrier is the shine. That’s because a Polycharger wax finish won’t wash off with ordinary car wash shampoos or detergents. In lab tests, all Polycharger compatible waxes washed off with Dawn dishwashing detergent, but they held fast for up to twenty washes when boosted with Polycharger.


    Polycharger is a Wax Booster™ additive for car wax products. In the same way that you use a gasoline additive in your car’s fuel tank to enjoy better engine performance, you add Polycharger to your car wax to improve its performance. Polycharger is your car wax supercharger!


    Your wax needs Polycharger because your car’s paint needs better protection. Replacing your car’s paint is costly; only engine repair or replacement is more expensive. Plus, it’s a well known fact that cars with paint damaged by water spots, acid rain, road salts and other hazards have a lower resale value.


    All modern car waxes, including paint sealants and protective paint polishes, use polymer technology for better shine and protection. Even so-called pure Carnauba waxes contain polymers.

    Unfortunately, the polymers used in consumer car waxes never get to do their full job. That’s because most car waxes fail in the transition from a liquid to a dry film. Polymers are long molecules capable of interlinking to form a mesh of molecule strands. This interlocking capability, called cross-linking, is what gives polymers their terrific strength. Unfortunately, most car waxes fail to cross-link when applied to the surface of your car. We have the secret!

    Polycharger is a polymer booster and accelerant in one. The booster component adds two new space age polymers designed for high temperature, high corrosive environments. When introduced to oxygen, the Polycharger accelerant hyper-activates polymers in their liquid state, forcing cross-linking to begin immediately.


    Until now, to get a highly protective wax coating you had to pay $300 or more for a dealer-applied paint sealant. Polycharger adds the critical link missing in most car waxes, making them perform better than dealer-applied sealants at a fraction of the cost. The difference is simply amazing!

    No matter how good a car wax is by itself, Polycharger makes it last longer, improves its protective qualities and enhances the shine. Testing results show that Polycharger improves wax durability as much as 400%. You’ll know Polycharger protection is still there because your paint will bead water and shine like crazy, wash-after-wash.

    Imagine only having to wax your car twice a year instead of 4-5 times a year. That’s the benefit of Polycharger.

    By boosting your favorite car wax product with Polycharger you:
  • Create a protective coating that’s extremely tolerant to heat and chemicals.
  • Improve gloss, clarity and slickness of the finish.
  • Cut your car care effort in half!
  • Add years to the life of your paint finish.

    Polycharger works with detail sprays, too. When added to ordinary detail sprays, Polycharger creates a spray wax booster with impressive protection and shine enhancing qualities. When you use a Polycharger boosted wax with a boosted detail spray, you have an easy-to-use system for complete paint protection.


    There are two different formulations of Polycharger. Polycharger CH2 is for solvent based wax products and Polycharger H2O is for water based wax products, including most detail sprays. See our application charts for known product compatibility.

    It is very important to use the correct version of Polycharger. As the old adage goes, oil and water don’t mix. Adding Polycharger CH2 to detail sprays will simply ruin your bottle of detail spray. Adding Polycharger H2O to an oil based wax will create a bottle of mixture that looks like cottage cheese.


    With Polycharger protection, you can wax your car just twice a year and maintain full wax protection and shine in just five minutes. Maintenance couldn’t be easier. Simply wash as normal, dry thoroughly, then spray, wipe and buff with your booster. You can make you own booster spray, with your favorite spray and wipe products and Polycharger H2O, or choose our premium Polycharger Wax Booster Spray.

  • Polycharger is like a shot of steroids for most car wax products.

  • Your car's wax protection and shine will last four times longer!

  • Better than any dealer applied paint sealant treatment at a fraction of the cost!

  • It's not a car wax, it's a car wax booster that mixes with your favorite car wax products!

  • Will not wash off like ordinary waxes. Your car will shine and bead water like crazy for months!


    Will Polycharger fix my dull or swirled paint?

    No! Polycharger is not a paint restoration or cleaning product. As such, it will not restore or repair a damaged or neglected paint finish. If your paint is in less-than-perfect condition, first use detailing clay to clean and an appropriate paint polish to remove oxidation, swirl marks and scratches.

    Can I apply Polycharger directly to my paint?

    No! Polycharger must be mixed with a car wax product. Polycharger is much too strong to be applied directly.

    Can Polycharger damage my paint?

    No! However, if you improperly mix Polycharger (no not shake well or mix too strong) the boosted car wax may streak. In this case it will be necessary to use a paint cleaner/polish to remove the coating.

    What if my favorite car wax is not on your compatibility list? Can I still boost it with Polycharger?

    We test as many waxes as possible and find that most are compatible. There are a few cases where Polycharger and a wax product simply will not mix and are truly incompatible. In other rare cases, we found no benefit to adding Polycharger to a product. If you decide to experiment, apply the mixture to a small area (a fender), allow it to dry, and buff off thoroughly to get a clear picture of the results. If the product clumps, or if you experience any streaking, do not use the mixture.

    I read in the car forums about people boosting car wax products that are not on the compatibility list. Why are they doing this?

    Some product manufacturers have asked to be excluded from our compatibility charts. Although we found their products to be completely compatible, we are respecting their request.

    Why is the shelf life of a boosted wax only 48 hours?

    The exclusive curing accelerant in Polycharger causes wax products to begin curing (hardening) almost immediately. After 48 hours, most products will thicken to a level that they are no longer usable.

    Can I use Polycharger with a paste car wax?

    Unfortunately, the only way to mix Polycharger with a paste car wax is to melt the wax, so we do not recommend Polycharger for this purpose.
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