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Polish Angel Viking Coat

Polish Angel Viking Coat Incredibly durable protection for any climate!

Polish Angel Viking Coat Was initially created by Polish Angel as an effective coating to be used in the harsh climate of the Nordic countries and succeeded greatly in doing so. Polish Angel Viking Coat contains the highest levels of Silica and Titanium Dioxide of any of the coating products Polish Angel produces. The Silica in Polish Angel Viking Coat creates a hard layer of protection that is capable of withstanding even the most intense environmental and artificial hazards your vehicle is subjected to. The Titanium Dioxide in Polish Angel Viking Coat will intensify the shine and color transparency of your car’s paint drastically, producing a near mirror like shine. Polish Angel Viking Coat can last on your paint for up to 24 months with proper application and care. Polish Angel Viking Coat is extremely easy to apply and boasts a cure time of only 3 hours!

Polish Angel, being a German company, set out on a mission to formulate a coating that would be capable of effectively providing long lasting protection to the vehicles in the nearby northern Nordic countries. These countries are home to some of the most frigid climates in the world. As such, detailing and protecting your car is a near fruitless effort. This is why polish Angel set out to solve this issue and provide relief to the struggling detailers in these countries. The product they came up with was Polish Angel Viking Coat. Polish Angel Viking Coat is extremely effective at protecting vehicles during the harsh winter months of the Nordic countries. If Polish Angel Viking Coat is able to protect the cars that have to weather the extremely harsh conditions of these Nordic countries, it will be able to effortlessly protect your vehicle in any number of climates. The effect level of protection that Polish Angel Viking Coat boasts is due to the astoundingly high concentration of Silica in its formula. Silica is such a strong and durable material that it is even used in the production of cement used for construction purposes. If the strength of Silica is reliable enough to be used in those applications, then it will be more than strong enough to provide durable protection to your car’s paint.

The Titanium Dioxide in Polish Angel Viking Coat provides an absolutely unbelievable level of shine and gloss. The refractive index of Titanium Dioxide is one of the highest and is only surpassed by very few other materials. The refractiveness of Titanium Dioxide is what allows this material to produce the extremely high amount of shine and color transparency when used on your car’s paint.

With a life time of up to 24 months, you can rest assured that Polish Angel Viking Coat is in it for the long haul. No need to constantly reapply a carnauba wax to your car’s paint every few months. Just apply Polish Angel Viking Coat and enjoy the high level of protection for years!

Shake well. Vehicle and engine must be cool. Make sure the surface is properly decontaminated and prepped. Use a foam applicator to apply a small amount in a light, small circular motion. Let the product cure for 45 minutes. Buff it off with a clean microfiber towel. Apply a second coat after 2 hours. Leave to cure for 3 hours after final application.

50 ml.