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Polish Angel Luxury Leather Kit

Restore the brilliance to your car’s leather!

Polish Angel Luxury Leather Kit contains every product you will need to thoroughly clean and restore your leathers look and feel for years to come! Polish Angel BellaClean Leather Cleaner and the gentle cleaner agents it contains will gently but effectively clean your leather and even begin the leather conditioning process. Polish Angel Charisma Leather Conditioner is a premium leather conditioner that contains natural ingredients used to restore the look and feel of your leather to like new condition. The Polish Angel Venice Leather Brush is the perfect brush to use on your delicate leather while cleaning it with BellaClean.

Leather is an extremely sensitive material and requires an extremely sensitive cleaner. If you were to use a standard all-purpose cleaner on your leather, it would cause your leather to crack and fade extremely quickly. Polish Angel BellaClean is designed with all-natural ingredients, like vitamin C, that will clean your leather without exposing it to harsh chemicals. When used with the Venice Leather Brush, BellaClean will be able to eliminate dirt, mud, and any number of other contaminants on your leather interior.

Just keeping your leather clean is not enough to ensure that it properly maintains its look and feel, you must also condition you leather as well. If you do not apply a conditioner to your leather, the leather will eventually lose its moisture and luster and begin to crack and fade. Polish Angel Charisma Leather Conditioner is an exceptional choice when deciding which leather conditioner to use to effectively maintain your leather. Polish Angel Charisma Leather Conditioner contains collagen and animal proteins in its formula. These naturally occurring ingredients replace the critical nutrients your leather needs to replenish it after normal wear and tear. Charisma Conditioner will protect your leather from degradation as well by providing it with a layer of protection to reduce the frequency with which you will have to maintain your leather’s surface.

The Polish Angel Venice Leather Brush is a revolutionary brush designed by Polish Angel with the express purpose of cleaning your leather. The bristles of the Venice Leather Brush are comprised of the highest quality goat hair. These bristles offer you enough abrasiveness to be able to remove tough dirt and grime from your leather without being harsh enough to damage the sensitive surface of your leather. The goat hair bristles are long enough for you to be able get into the niche and difficult to clean corners, wrinkles, and seams, making sure that every inch of your leather is cleaned properly.

Your leather needs and deserves quite a lot of care to keep its luster and feel. The Polish Angel Luxury Leather Kit will ensure you have all the tools and products necessary to make sure the leather in your car outlives the car itself!

Polish Angel Luxury Leather Kit

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Polish Angel Luxury Leather Kit